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China Division is China's leading provider of supply chain services, covering product procurement, warehousing management, order fulfillment, logistics transportation and value-added services. We have high-quality product supply chain in China, integrating resources from source manufacturers to end customers. We can provide tailor-made supply chain solutions according to customers' product categories and distribution needs. We can help customers purchase finished products, raw materials and find suppliers to produce finished products. In warehousing logistics, we provide up to 30 days of free warehousing, advanced warehouse management system, free API and plug-ins to achieve seamless direct delivery, and provide one-stop real-time logistics track query to help customers save warehousing costs and reduce financial pressure.Diversified value-added services can meet the needs of assembly, customized packaging, labeling and commercial advertisement implantation, so that customers can devote more time to the development of core business.

Through long-term cooperation, highly competitive cost management and continuous improvement, we are confident that we can help your business achieve strategic goals across the globe. If you have the need to purchase products from China or your manufacturer is in China, why not cooperate with us and ship directly from China to save a lot of cost?

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Companies partner with us to streamline their fulfillment needs, maximize their customer satisfaction and drive the next business growth.


SUDIO from Sweden

ChinaDivision provides not only reliable logistics but outstanding customer service.Clear communication and customized shipping preferences are crucial for companies that are based abroad,and ChinaDivision indeed delivers what they promise.

Réalisation from Australia

ChinaDivision treats our business as their own. They have, from day one, gone the extra mile to make sure we get the most cost-effective solution. We highly recommend partnering with them.


Good News! CNsotrm Won the Award of PayPal Outstanding Business 2016
Good News! CNstorm Won the Award of PayPal Outstanding Business
Good News! CNsotrm Won the Award of PayPal Outstanding Business 2016
ChinaDivision Attended the First Anniversary of ESCE and Assisted with Exhibit Transportation
Good News! CNsotrm Won the Award of PayPal Outstanding Business 2016
5 Awesome Ways That ChinaDivision Can Help Improve Your Business Profitability

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