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Shipping Fulfillment from China to UK

At ChinaDivision, we are all here for one thing -- to make international shipping easy. We enable online merchants ship goods to their customers safely and effortlessly.

Shipping doesn’t have to stay complicated and tedious. As your dedicated freight forwarder in China, ChinaDivision is committed to making your shipping from China to UK much easier and faster. If you are considering importing form China to UK, do it now! We are here to make your orders ship to your customers without any worries.

Eight reasons why you will love ChinaDivision

No minimum, no set up fees
Real-time control of inventory and shipping data
Barcode and SKU technology to reduce human errors
One-stop solution for warehousing, picking, packing and shipping
Multiple tailored shipping selections based on your preference
Customized packaging and marketing inserts
Flexible and scalable for your business expansion

Recommended shipping methods from China to the United Kingdom


HK EMS, fast in speed, accept branded commodities and foods while goods with battery is unacceptable. Micro liquid and cosmetics are accepted depend on specific situations. Parcels above 6kg can enjoy a preferential price. After customs clearance in UK, packages will be delivered by Parcelforce.

China Post & Hongkong Post

China Post and Hongkong Post are relatively cheap in cost. Delivery time will be 10-15 working days. Goods with battery are not suggested. Hongkong Post accept non-pure liquid cosmetics (depends on specific situations). It is very likely that China Post and Hongkong Post can be exempt from import duty from China to UK.


DHL is fast, stable and safe, especially for DHL UK, which is also known for a competitive price. For some DHL lines to the United Kingdom, lithium batteries, cell phones and famous branded goods are permitted.

China EMS

China EMS accepts foods, medicines and health products. In some cases, battery, micro liquid and cosmetics can be sent as well. After customs clearance in UK, packages will be delivered by Parcelforce. If the package is above 6kg, HK EMS is recommended.


Q: Where is your warehouse?

A: Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen of China, a neighbor city of Hong Kong, which is very convenient for handling exports.

Q: What’s the shipping cost from China to UK?

A: The cost of sending parcels from China to UK depends on item size, weight, destination and courier. Our algorithm helps you to find the best price no matter where you ship.

Q: How long does shipping take from China to UK?

A: It depends on your preference for courier selection. We will suggest the suitable courier according to your product type, to make sure you enjoy a fast and cost-effective shipping experience.

Q: Can my customers get e-mail notification of my shipment's progress or status?

A: Upon shipping your order, the dashboard will pass the shipped status along with a related tracking number (if applicable) to your CRM. Depending on the capabilities of your CRM or E-Commerce platform, a shipping confirmation email may be generated by your CRM/E-Commerce platform and sent to the consumer.

Q: How long does it take for my order to go out after you receive it?

A: fills all orders within 24 hours of receipt, provided they are approved to ship. Shipments will not be processed on Sundays, holidays, or during any event that would cause a facility to close (acts of God, severe inclement weather, etc.). However, fulfillment of orders is our core priority.

Tips: Banned and restricted goods for the UK government

Illegal drugs

Offensive weapons, eg. flick knives

Self-defence sprays, eg pepper spray and CS gas

Endangered animal and plant species

Rough diamonds

Indecent and obscene materials

Personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non-EU countries

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Some optional shipping methods from China to UK and features

Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Time
(business days)
Line Features
DHL 3-6 Fast and good service
EMS 5-10 Easy for customs clearance, average speed and good service
EUB 10-20 Low price, normal spped, easy for customs clearance
AIR 15-30 Very low price, low speed, easy for customs clearance

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