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Key to Effortless Global Fulfillment:

Quotation & Shipping Channels

Seamless connection e-commerce platforms

Full inspection service

Reduce shipping costs and unnecessary tariffs

24/7 full-process customer support

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Contract customers cooperating
Orders fulfilled each day
Accuracy Rate in shipping
Years of fulfillment experience
One-stop Global Fulfillment Service
IT System Advantages

capable to solve any of your technical issues promptly.

enables the customization of any technical functions to s accomodate all of your needs.

Self-Built Logistics System
ChinaDivision is able to provide you with customized logistics solutions,suchas preferential,standard and specialexpress,to accommodate different needs of international trade and facilitate the success of your business!
Self-Built ERP System
Intergrated with Amazon, Shopify, woocommerceand many other platforms by API to create ordersand to synchronize tracking number autoamatically.
Self-Built WMS System

Each sku will be scanned before packing;Eachparcelneeds to be scanned when shipping out of the warehouse; which is efficient to reduces theerror rate.

Automatic weighing System

No worries about weight anddimensions of packages

Automated Stock Location System

Unique SKU for Easy Access

Advanced Order Processing &Warning System
99% Accuracy Rate
Easy Integrations with Top eCommerce Platforms
We are proud to be partners with the leading eCommerce marketplaces.
Our robust integration capabilities make it easy for you to fulfill orders and grow your business.
woo commerce
big commerce
We Partner With The Best Solutions To Help Merchants Grow
ChinaDivision is the trusted global partner for thousands of ecommerce brands wordwide.
Get a Custom China Fulfillment Solution With ChinaDivision
By distributing inventory across our international fulfillment network,
you can speed up delivery times and reduce costs for both domestic and international deliveries.
E-Commerce or Self-Owned Brand
ChinaDivision has maintained close cooperationwith client A
ChinaDivision customized anexclusive logistics solution to flexibly select delivery channels and helpedclient A fulfill orders in the most cost-effective and fastest way.
Quality inspection
Quantity counting
Returns and exchanges
Warehousing and other matters
ChinaDivision has maintained close cooperationwith client A and has witnessed the success of client A's online salemodel together with its booming offline business.
Crowdfunding project
ChinaDivision got crowdfunding project request from client B
ChinaDivision got crowdfunding project request from client B, worked out the optimalshipping cost to satisfy the needs of client B.
Helped take care of assembly work and customized packing materials
Classified orders by country
Delivered morethan thousands of orders in a day
The outstanding performance of ChinaDivision was highly appraised by client B.
ChinaDivision Senior Leaders Escorted Mayor of Shenzhenfor a Visit to the UK.
ChinaDivision Senior Leaders Escorted Mayor of Shenzhenfor a Visit to the UK.
ChinaDision was appointed as the only shipper responsible for exhibit transportation.
Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange Program
ChinaDision was lucky to be a member of the business delegation, escortig Mayor of Shenzhen XU Qin for a week's visit to the UK.One of the mainitineraries of this trip was to celebrate the one year anniversary of Edinburgh Center(Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange Program ).
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