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Shipping Rate Calculator FAQ

Is shipping based on size or weight?

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In most cases, couriers price their services by package weight or size, whichever is larger. This is calculated using a calculation which is called 'Volumetric Weight'.

What are the benefits of using shipping calculator?

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Our shipping rate calculator saves you time,gathers all the best rates from all global couriers for you instantly, based on your specific shipment needs. This allows you to get full visibility of shipping costs while you save precious time. If you like the rates you see, you can create an account and ship with those couriers in minutes.

What Are Volumetric Weight and Actual Weight?

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“Whichever is greater” (or “carrier’s choice”) is a phrase to remember when calculating the cost of moving goods by air, ocean, road or rail. That’s because the carrier will always look at two different measurements – the actual weight and the volumetric(dimensional) weight of your shipment - and then base their chargeable weight calculation on the larger figure. The actual weight is the actual, gross, or total physical weight of your shipment, including any packaging and pallets. It is simply the entire shipment weight, typically expressed in kilograms (kgs) or pounds(lbs). The second type of weight is the volumetric or dimensional weight (the volume of your cargo). It is also expressed in kilograms or pounds but based on your shipment’s dimensions (length, width and height in centimetres), to which a density ratio is applied. Do not forget to include all the packages! The density ratio applied on your shipment depends on the transportation mode you have selected. e.g. If the desity ratio of your shipping courier is 6000, the formula for volumetric shipping is ( L x W x H, in centimetres ) / 6,000

How to avoid underestimation of costs?

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When freight rates are high it’s particularly important to understand the chargeable weight of your goods whether you are shipping them by air, ocean, road or rail. Couriers measure the size and weight of nearly every package during transit. This is an automatic process using very precise laser measurements. Shippers who underestimate the chargeable weight are likely to receive an unpleasant surprise when the bill arrives. Also, knowing the exact chargeable weight along with other factors such as the required transit time helps with selecting the optimal transportation mode.

How to save and calculate the shipping cost from China to the United States or the world?

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The shipping cost of a package is determined by multiple factors, such as the distance, size, weight, and space occupied by the package. Our freight calculator provides you with various transportation options from China to the United States and even the world. You can also use our freight calculator to select the most favorable freight prices

How to calculate shipping costs?

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Shipping charges are calculated based on the distance your package needs to travel and the dimensional weight. Use the Chinadivision Shipping Calculator to get shipping quotes without knowing the weight of your package. Simply enter the length, width, and height of your package into our shipping calculator to get a shipping quote.

How to calculate ocean shipping cost?

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According to different order fulfillment requirements, you can choose to use the corresponding E-commerce, Multimodal/FBA, Port to port or Global warehouses to obtain freight information. For more detailed order fulfillment fees, you can get a quote from Chinadivision team.

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