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icon red dot1. Save time

We are speciallized in the field of order fulfillment. Let us handle your orders allows you to have more time to focus on other important parts on your business. (hint: it’s not pick-pack-ship!).

icon red dot2. Save money

Take advantage of our volume discounts for domestic and international shipping. Our combined customer orders enable us to leverage our purchasing power for steep discounts. You can share the savings with your customers or use it in other ways.

icon red dot3. Reduce transit times

ChinaDivision.com has its facilities located in Shen Zhen, which is near the international parcel processing centre —— Hong Kong.The strategic location is an advantage in reducing transit time.The efficiency will not only improve user experience, but attract more customers to choose your company as well.

icon red dot4. Reduce workforce expenses

Save the workers compensation expenses of maintaining a warehouse team.

icon red dot5. Simplify logistics process

Managing logistics in the right way spends numerous time and resources. However, we have built an international logistics infrastructure that makes worldwide order fulfillment easy. We keep your product inventory at our warehouse, and when an order is placed, ChinaDivision.com will pick, pack and ship it within minutes.

icon red dot6. Reduce chargebacks

ChinaDivision.com helps you monitor your inventory in time, group orders for reducing shipping costs, and validate addresses to keep chargebacks to a minimum.

icon red dot7. Save yourself the trouble of returns

ChinaDivision.com’s Customized Returns Management system uses a 4-prong approach to determine if a returned product is suitable to be returned to inventory. Damaged, open product returns are properly disposed of or can be returned to the shipper on a case-by-case basis. It all adds up to a better ROI for you!

icon red dot8. Improve your customer service

If your staff is paying less attention to product delivery, it can lead to incorrect orders, frustrated customers, and loss of revenues. Poor operations can have negative influence on your brand and ChinaDivision.com can help build customers' brand loyalty by improving services.

icon red dot9. Manage your growth

By making use of our infrastructure, you can save your money and time in implementing new systems and services.If we do not deal with orders within twenty-four hours, or you are missing delivery deadlines, let our experts take control of your fulfillment and help manage your expanding business.

icon red dot10. Streamline your inventory management

Receiving product, retaining QA (Quality Assurance) product samples, rotating stock—these tasks all require strict attention to detail. Our warehouse teams, in conjunction with our customized Warehouse Management System, handle all of these processes and help you manage your inventory worldwide in time.

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