Ebay Order Fulfillment Integration to Automate Orders

By linking e-commerce stores through eBay Fulfillment Integration, we provide an eBay delivery service that enables automatic transmission of order data, real-time understanding of order fulfillment progress, and simplifies eBay's international transportation processing process.

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Install EBay Fulfillment Integration Service Guide

EBay does not provide order fulfillment and delivery services like Amazon Logistics, so eBay sellers will seek high-quality third-party logistics service providers to undertake the international shipping and order fulfillment service process. Want to automate order processing and fast shipping for your eBay shopping cart? Just a few simple steps to achieve it; come and try it.

Steps to associate the eBay store with Chinadivision's integration plugin

Step 1: Add an eBay store by visiting the ChinaDivision User Center (if you have not logged in, the link will jump to the ChinaDivision login page, you only need to register and log in to use), follow the operation process as shown below: click "Add eBay Store: button, fill in your eBay store name, click "Add".

add ebay store

Step 2: After adding, you will see the eBay account login interface, just log in.

Login ebay account

Step 3: App access authorization appears, click "Agree" to add the store to the chinadivision user center. According to this process, you can add multiple eBay stores to achieve unified management of multiple stores.

grant access

Step 4: Click the eBay store name in the chinadivision user center to view the order list information.

view order list

Step 5: Now that you have integrated and synchronized the eBay store with Chinadivision's fulfillment system, you can synchronize the new ebay order to the Chinadivision user center through Create Order to achieve fast order processing.

Fast order processing

Advantages of using ebay fulfillment integration

fast and efficient shipping

fast and efficient shipping

Using a third-party fulfillment service can help ensure orders are processed quickly and shipped efficiently, reducing lead times for customers

Automatic Order Processing

Automatic Order Processing

Chinadivision's eBay integration plug-in can simplify the process of eBay seller order processing tasks

product inspection

Value-added services

Provide personalized Value-added services such as quality inspection, customer labeling/replacement, customized brand packaging, and last-mile delivery

Real-time inventory management

Real-time inventory management

Provide warehouse management system WMS to help sellers track inventory information in real time

International Shipping Services

International Shipping Services

A professional international transportation team solves customs tariff problems and helps sellers solve cross-border logistics problems

Return Management

Return Management

Chinadivision provides ebay fulfillment return service, making the process easier for sellers and customers

FAQs for eBay Fulfillment Services

Does eBay offer fulfillment services?

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Ebay does not provide fulfillment services; sellers need to manage, store, and transport their own products. The best way to process order fulfillment at this time is through a third-party fulfillment company. With the help of Chinadivision's ebay plug-in, the order can be automatically processed, and the information can be synchronized to the fulfillment company for fast and efficient processing.

What is the eBay order fulfillment process?

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When eBay sellers use the order fulfillment service, the fulfillment process is divided into: the fulfillment company receives the inventory, sorts it, and stores it. When a customer places an order, the order is sent to a fulfillment company, where warehouse packers pick the order sku from inventory, pack it, label it properly, and ship it to your customer.

How does the eBay fulfillment integration work?

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Ebay fulfillment integration for automatic order processing and shipping only needs to be authorized and synchronized to Chinadivision to use the complete eBay delivery service online.

What are the benefits of working with an eBay shipping service provider?

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Order fulfillment can consume a lot of time and energy, draining resources you spend on other aspects of your business like marketing, research, and sales. To avoid such issues, it is best to outsource your eBay fulfillment needs to a professional order fulfillment company. With the eBay delivery service, you no longer have to worry about not having time to pick and pack the order when you receive it; ChinaDivision will do this for you, which allows you to focus on other aspects of growing your online business while saving you shipping costs and lowering international shipping costs.