Preferred Shipping Partner for Crowdfunding Campaigns

To provide global crowdfunding fulfillment services from China and end-to-end international order fulfillment solutions at a low price with a high delivery rate. It is committed to solving shipping fulfillment problems for start-up e-commerce enterprises, ensuring that your crowdfunding projects can be fulfilled on time and delivered to your supporters, and solving problems you will encounter in the process of logistics transportation. If you are looking for reliable Chinese crowdfunding fulfillment partners, please contact us.

The advantages of ChinaDivision's crowdfunding fulfillment services

Better control of product quality

Third-party order fulfillment companies receive products from drop-ship suppliers, check them, and send them directly to buyers. By increasing the inspection process, you can effectively address product discrepancies and inferior quality during shipping and meet the expected quality standards. Experience hassle-free order fulfillment and reliable product inspections with the most trusted third-party crowdfunding service company in the industry.

Better control of product quality
Shorten crowdfunding shipping time

Shorten crowdfunding shipping time

ChinaDivision upon receiving your goods, can expedite the process and have them shipped within 24 hours. If your products are already in stock at our ChinaDivision warehouse, customers can expect their orders to be shipped the very next day after placing them. Benefit from our seamless operations and fast order fulfillment to enhance the overall crowdfunding experience.

Provide professional customs clearance services

Customs issues such as tax refunds or the seizure of packages can lead to delayed shipments and product loss, seriously affecting consumers' shopping experiences. With years of experience in global customized crowdfunding service transportation, ChinaDivision provides worry-free customs clearance services and professional knowledge for novice crowdfunding for small business buyers who purchase products from China.

Provide professional customs clearance services

High-Quality and Efficient Crowdfunding Project Service Guarantee

Our company's years of experience in delivering crowdfunding orders have benefited countless initiators who have chosen our crowdfunding projects.

We offer diversified delivery channels and competitive prices to suit your specific needs. We can choose the most suitable delivery channels for your products according to their weight, whether they are with batteries, different countries, or other factors. We help you save money while achieving an almost 100% delivery rate.

Rest assured that our skilled packaging team provides professional and comprehensive protection for your crowdfunding packages. Each package is meticulously handled to ensure safe delivery without any damages, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

With our high timeliness, we prioritize rapid package delivery, boosting customer confidence in our services. We strive to maintain a high level of efficiency throughout the entire fulfillment process.

Count on our technical advantage, delivery channel expertise, professional team, and customized services to meet your unique requirements. We also provide assistance with tariffs and supplier tax rebates, making your experience hassle-free.

Trust us to handle all aspects of your warehousing, inspection, packing, delivery, and value-added services in China. We are committed to continuously improving and becoming your reliable partner in the world of crowdfunding order fulfillment. Contact us now to experience exceptional service tailored to your needs.

Crowdfunding Cases

Product Bike Bell
Campaign platform Kickstarter
Backers 20,787
Pledged AU$ 1,078,634
Shipping method China Post and SF express
Destinations All over the world
bike bell crowdfunding cases
door safety hanole crowdfunding examples
crowdfunding in china
crowdfunding platform kickstarter

Professional Chinese Product Sourcing Agent Team

With the procurement capabilities of Chinadivision, you will have a professional team of experts who purchase products from China, building a good communication bridge for you. You will not need to come to China to have a detailed understanding of the production and quality issues of Chinese products, assist in judging and verifying the reliability of suppliers, find the most favorable prices in low-cost countries, solve cross-border procurement problems, save costs, and expand your business into new fields.

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