Enhance Business with Our Amazon Fulfillment Center

Welcome to our comprehensive range of Amazon order fulfillment services. Maximize your potential with our Amazon international fulfillment services, from streamlined order processing and advanced inventory management to cost-effective shipping solutions dedicated to ensuring products arrive on time. Reach your customers and provide your customers with a reliable and exceptional shopping experience.

What Amazon fulfillment services are available?

As a third-party shipping fulfillment service provider for processing Amazon orders in China, we provide the following high-quality services to support the growth of Amazon sellers to ensure that your orders can be fulfilled efficiently

Order processing

Order processing

Receive and process customer orders from Amazon, including SKU information, quantities, and shipping addresses

Inventory management

Inventory management

The WMS system updates and maintains accurate inventory information in real time to prevent overselling or out-of-stock

Picking and packaging

Picking and packaging

Efficiently select items from inventory for each order and professionally package items according to packaging guidelines

Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery

Choose shipping methods based on customer preferences and Amazon shipping standards to ensure timely delivery

Quality control

Quality control

Implement quality control measures to inspect items for defects or damage before shipment

Return processing

Return processing

Process returns according to Amazon's return policy, review returned items and update inventory accordingly

Professional Amazon Fulfillment Services to Help Your Brand Take Off

Empower your business with our dedicated Fulfillment Team, offering a complete range of logistics and E-commerce fulfillment services. From seamless order fulfillment, efficient shipping, and meticulous pick-and-pack processes to secure storage, product inspections, and streamlined return recording and handling, we are committed to supporting both e-commerce and retail enterprises. Our fulfillment operations expertly process thousands of orders daily, catering to a diverse customer base in both B2C and B2B operations. Join us, and let's elevate your fulfillment experience as we successfully fulfill and deliver thousands of consumer and retail orders each year.

Cost-effective Shipping

Fast, economical shipping is the key to success. We process 5,000+ orders per day, providing you with seamless order fulfillment services to ensure your products reach customers in time, helping your business thrive.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand packaging is an extension of your brand image. We provide customizable brand packaging services to enhance customer unboxing experience, enhance brand awareness and customer satisfaction, and win you more loyal fans.

Online Integrated Support

We support seamless integration with multiple e-commerce platforms and synchronize order information in real time. No matter which platform you choose, we can provide you with efficient support to make your business operations run more smoothly.

Improve your order fulfillment process with Chinadivision integration plugin
amazon store

Step 1: Integrate your Amazon store with ChinaDivision Open API

Once integrated with our Open API, your Amazon store orders are automatically routed to us with no manual action on your part. Orders are received, prepared for pickup and packed, all at your fingertips.

  • return service

    Order processing speed increased by 50%

  • return service

    100% Amazon order accuracy

  • return service

    Reduce operating costs by 30%

Step 2: Same-Day order processing

All orders placed before 15:00 CST will be processed the same day. You can rest assured that your order will be picked and packed promptly, ensuring your package reaches your customer on time.

  • return service

    Fast same day delivery

  • return service

    24-hour warehouse management

  • return service

    Reduce inventory capital usage

process an order
shipping order

Step 3: Ship your order securely

Once your order is shipped, your Amazon store will automatically update all tracking information, so don't worry about missing shipments, we will make sure your order arrives in time.

  • return service

    Package real-time tracking

  • return service

    Supports 99.96% transportation range

Step 4: Professional Return Processing

Returns are treated equally with us. We'll provide you with the latest information about your return, including basic checks like item condition, photos, and replacement records to ensure you're fully informed about your return.

  • return service

    24/7 customer service

  • return service

    Transparent pricing, no surcharges

returns handling
transportation method


Orders Picking and Packing by Unit, Master Carton or Full Pallet. Labelling by package or SKU units Shipping for orders which might be packaged in various size and weight, counting from as small as small letters, parcels to as big as pallets


Wherever you are and whenever you are, you can simply check your order, stock levels and the fulfilment progresses on you PC or mobile. We accept and record returns to assist your customer service. We wish to leave a peace of mind to you.

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Why choosing ChinaDivision to fulfill your Amazon orders directly?

The reasons why you can choose us to ship your Amazon goods directly to your individual customer all over the world are as below:

  • 1)Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen China, near Hong Kong, which is very convenient to receive your goods from any place all over the world as well as ship your goods out to the destination all over the world.
  • 2)We store your goods in our large warehouse in good condition and we can pick, pack and ship your goods out quickly and accurately.
  • 3)Free API are available. With our free API, your Amazon orders can automatically be synced to our system.
  • 4)Our prices are competitive. "The shipping price from China to the destination in US via ChinaDivision is more competitive than that via FBA" our clients told us with joy.
  • 5)We can not only provide quick delivery service, such as 2 to 5 days delivery to the destination all over the world, but also more cost-effective delivery service, such as around-one-week delivery to Europe and America, to meet your different demands.
  • 6)A dedicated team with 3 of our experts will handle and follow your orders, which will make sure that your orders are fulfilled smoothly. Besides, we provide you with good, professional and efficient customer services.
  • 7)We can provide you with real-time tracking to let you master the shipping station of your goods in real time.

Popular questions about amazon fulfillment

Popular questions

What are the benefits of utilizing third-party logistics for Amazon?

Third-party logistics for Amazon offers benefits such as cost savings, scalability, and expertise in handling the complexities of order fulfillment. It enables sellers to focus on growing their business.

How can optimize Amazon order processing for efficiency?

Optimizing Amazon order processing involves utilizing tools provided by Amazon. Additionally, partnering with reliable fulfillment partners can enhance overall efficiency.

How can enhance international shipping for their Amazon products?

Sellers can enhance international shipping by choosing reliable carriers, understanding and complying with customs regulations, and offering accurate shipping estimates.

Do Amazon services providers handle returns?

Chinadivision providers offer services for returns processing and customer support. Ensure that your chosen provider has robust systems in place to handle returns and address customer inquiries efficiently.

What services do Amazon fulfillment providers offer for businesses?

Amazon logistics providers often cater to businesses by offering services such as order fulfillment, shipping optimization, inventory management, and seamless integration with the Amazon platform.

Can Amazon logistics providers integrate with e-commerce platform?

Chinadivision providers offer integration with various e-commerce platforms. Check with us to ensure compatibility with your specific platform for a smooth and streamlined logistics process.