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Synchronize WooCommerce orders and product SKU information online through the Chinadivision WooCommerce plug-in. Track inventory information in real time, predict and process e-commerce orders, and realize automatic updates of logistics tracking.

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Chinadivision WooCommerce Extension Plugin Installation Guide

1. Meet the conditions for installing the WooCommerce plugin

a) The website system is WooCommerce;

b) PHP version >= 7.0 and supports CURL extension.

Download the Chinadivision WooCommerce file and get the plug-in code ( )

2. Free WooCommerce plug-in installation steps

A) If you have installed and are using an old version (v1.1 or v2.0) of the WooCommerce plugin, you need to uninstall the old version before installing the new version (v2.1)! The specific uninstallation method is as shown below.

woocommerce uninstall

B) If you have not installed or used the WooCommerce extension, the installation steps are as follows:

a) To add plug-ins in the background, please follow the steps in the figure below to simply complete the installation. In the plug-in function section-find the add new plug-in-select the upload plug-in-select the file-select the first step to download the zip file saved to the local-install-activate, and the WooCommerce function section will be added in the background.

install woocommerce plugin

When you come to the WooCommerce others function, you will see the Chinadivision plug-in button area, which means that you have successfully installed the ChinaDivision plug-in!

chinadivision plugin button area

3. ChinaDivision WooCommerce plug-in usage instructions

a) Set apikey to associate with your account

First, please log in to the Chinadivision backend, enter the settings of the user center, and copy the apikey.

Secondly, return to your site, fill in the apikey and other information as shown below and save the updates.

plugin usage instructions

b) Select and create orders in the orders section

create order

c) Different SKUs can also be created according to different products

create sku

4. Verify SKU and order information

After completing the "Create SKU" or "Create Order" steps, you can click the "Go to ChinaDivision" button to verify the SKU and order information in the ChinaDivision User Center.

5. New features of ChinaDivision WooCommerce 2.0+ version

- When orders are created and updated, they will be automatically pushed to ChinaDivision, but webhooks need to be enabled;

- After the ChinaDivision logistics tracking number is uploaded to the order, it will be automatically pushed and updated to the order information;

Implement efficient order processing processes, reduce manual intervention, and speed up order fulfillment.

Install more Chinadivision plugins to simplify the inventory management process

Questions about installing and using the WooCommerce plugin

How does WooCommerce extension enhance your online store?

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WooCommerce extension is designed to enhance various aspects of e-commerce such as payment gateways, shipping options, product management, etc. Users can customize their online store to meet specific needs and improve overall performance.

Is there a free WooCommerce integration available for order fulfillment?

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WooCommerce offers both free and paid extensions. Visit chinadivision to get free integrated plug-ins for installation and use, or contact us to customize exclusive functions.

How to secure your online store using WooCommerce plugin?

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To ensure the security of your online store, it is crucial to follow best practices when using the WooCommerce plugin. Always download extensions from reputable sources, such as the official WooCommerce marketplace or trusted third-party developers. Monitor your website regularly for any suspicious activity and consider using additional security plugins to increase protection against potential threats.