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Chinavision directly synchronizes with the OpenCart online store management system to simplify order fulfillment and package management processes, providing fast order delivery and dropshipping services for brands and retailers

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When choosing to install the OpenCart plugin to fulfill the warehouse, you can integrate with multiple international shipping companies (including popular options such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.), hand over orders directly from the OpenCart store to the fulfilling company and ship them to customers, automate return management, improve customer satisfaction, and help you better manage inventory.

Using conditions

1.This plug-in supports OpenCart and the above version;

2.Before using this plug-in, please register a ChinaDivison account first and apply API Key of ChinaDivision..

The installation steps

1.Get plug-in code (

This plug-in code includes three parts:

a) FTP fix tool of OpenCart; b)ChinaDivision plug-in cache configuration tool; c) ChinaDivision plug-in feature pack.

opencart plugin toolkit

2.Install FTP fix tool

a)Upload “localcopy.ocmod.xml” through the Dashboard “Extensions > Extension Installer”. If you have already done before, then skip this step.

install the opencart extension

b)Check “Local copy OCMOD by iSenseLabs” through the Dashboard “Extensions > Modifications”, and then click the “Refresh” button on the top right corner to refresh the cache.

set extension functionality

3.Install ChinaDivision plug-in cache configuration tool

a)Upload “ChinaDivision.ocmod.xml” from the Dashboard “Extensions > Extension Installer”;

b)Check “ChinaDivision Fulfillment” through the Dashboard “Extensions > Modifications”, and then click the “Refresh” button on the top right corner to refresh the cache.

chinadivision plug-in cache configuration tool

4.Install ChinaDivision plug-in feature pack

a)Upload “” from the Dashboard “Extensions > Extension Installer”;

b)Edit user permission of the Dashboard from “System > Users > User Groups”. Make sure “chinadivision/config”, “chinadivision/order”, “chinadivision/sku” of the Access Permission and Modify Permission are all checked, and then click the Save button.

chinadivision plug-in function package


After installation, go to Dashboard “Sales > Orders”, “Create Order”, “Create SKU” and “Go to ChinaDivision” will appear on the top right of the Order List.

create order function

1.Create Order

In the first use, you need to fill in the API Key of ChinaDivision, this API Key can be found in “Setting” after you log in ChinaDivision USER CENTER.

fill in api key

Choose orders and then click “Create Order” button. Please do not click repeatedly. Wait a minute. If Success prompt box pops up, it means you’ve created orders successfully.

create order

2.Create SKU

Click “Create SKU” button, and fill in some necessary information, then click “Save” button to submit package information. If Success prompt box pops up, it means you’ve created SKU successfully.

create skus

3.Go to ChinaDivision

After you Create Order or Create SKU, If you want to check whether it’s successful, you can click “Go to ChinaDivision” to enter ChinaDivision and check your orders and SKU.

Disable and uninstall instructions


Click “Disable” button on the right of “ChinaDivision Fulfillment” through Dashboard “Extensions > Modifications”. And then click on the upper right corner of the “Clear” button to clear the cache, and finally click on the upper right corner of the “Refresh” button to refresh the cache;

disable plugin


Check the check box on the left of “ChinaDivision Fulfillment” through “Extensions > Modifications”, and then click “Delete” button on the upper right corner to remove the plug-in; click the “Clear” button on the upper right corner to clear the cache, and finally click the “Refresh” button to refresh the cache.

uninstall plugin

Benefits of Outsourcing OpenCart Transportation and Fulfillment to Chinadivision

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Chinadivision offers effortless integration with your OpenCart store, enabling seamless synchronization of order information with just a click of a button. This ensures a smooth and efficient order processing workflow.

Customizable Supporting Services

Customizable Supporting Services

With Chinadivision, you have the flexibility to customize product SKUs through your OpenCart platform. During the order fulfillment process, Chinadivision goes the extra mile by providing a range of value-added service operations, including tailored packaging and customized products, based on your specified requirements.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory at all times with Chinadivision's real-time inventory management system. This feature allows you to have online, up-to-date insights into your inventory status, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly. By optimizing inventory levels, you can effectively reduce inventory costs and free up capital.

Streamlined Return Management

Streamlined Return Management

Chinadivision's fulfillment service is equipped with dedicated 3PL inspection and audit personnel. In the event of returns, we diligently assess the condition of the goods and ensure that only items that won't affect future sales are re-listed. This meticulous approach enhances customer satisfaction and assists you in maintaining better inventory control.