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Frequently asked questions about Chinadivision and common definition terms.

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A: Any order received before 15:00 CST will be processed the same day if meeting FBA shipments' standards.

Q: How long it takes to prep & ship the items once everything has arrived ?

A: How much time cost for a job really depends on the quantity of the units and the service get involved in the order, for example, whether the products-received match the Amazon warehouse goods-receiving standards . We normally set a expected finished time to our clients when we start to handle the tasks. You will always get updated during the process from our team.

Q: What are the requirements about carton dimensions and minimum weight per carton?

A: Single side should be not more than 60CM. Minimum weight is 10KG/CTN. Sometimes 12kg/CTN or even 15KG/CTN depends on which shipping channel you choose .

Q: How long can the items be in the warehouse before they being shipped out ?

A: We offer first 7 days free storage to our clients, counting from the date when we start receiving your goods. USD$0.3/CBM/Day will be charged from the 8th day.

Q: Is it ok to keep using my current cartons/boxes?

A: Yes. If each carton's real weight or volume weight meets 10KG/CTN, or12 KG/CTN or 15KG/CTN vary by shipping channel.

Q: Do you have any other additional fees?

A: Please only pay attention to the shipping channel which has included DDP or not .if not, it will have an extra DDP handling fee and deposit , except this, we do not charge any of our clients any hidden fee . We will help our client customise the orders and make sure all the charges only being applied to the services our clients chose or agreed.

Q: Can you help me ship my goods to a private warehouse?

A: Yes, but normally around extra US$0.3/kg will be charged if you ship to a private addres