Shipping Fulfillment from China to Canada

To mitigate the challenges and complications of international shipping, ChinaDivision is always your strategic growth partner to support your business scalability.

As an online seller and importer, there are many considerations when shipping from China to Canada. When it comes to shipping, you want packages to reach your customers safely, timely with cost-effective shipping method. ChinaDivision is here to make your business easier and your customers happier.

1:1 Customer service

At ChinaDivision, you have your dedicated business development manager - the same one ready to help.

Free warehousing for 30 days

When we receive goods from your Chinese suppliers or manufacturers, we will store them in real time, free warehousing for 30 days!

No minimums

Your are start-up? Never mind! We’ve loved to help you scale to a new level with no minimums.

Grow together

ChinaDivision has the ability to scale. We help you pick, pack and ship while you focus on one thing - grow your business.

Why choose ChinaDivision for your shipping?

Order Fulfillment and Shipping is a complex subject in international business. It can take a lot of time and money to build a successful in-house operation. To rent warehouse, purchase special equipment and hire your own workers is far more expensive than partner with an experienced and professional team. Why ChinaDivision?

Save Time & Cut Costs

With integration with your shopping cart, orders will be sent to ChinaDivision automatically. Leave the tedious order fulfillment to us, and just focus on your core business. ChinaDivision will take care of all the details to deliver packages to your customers in Canada.

Make Goods without Boarders

Our good connection with many shipping carriers makes global shipping much easier and faster. Shipping cost from China to Canada can be cut down as well under a multiple shipping selections. Importing from China to Australia can never be so convenient and cost-effective.

Complete Control

Worry about losing control of your orders? You can track real-time data about inventory and shipping status via our order management software. Everything is transparent and under your control.

Enhance Salesd

With a strategic growth partner - ChinaDivision, you are free from picking, packing and shipping orders, so that you can concentrate on selling more to a larger market.

Brand upgrading

ChinaDivision not only cares about your sales, but your brand. We do not just simply ship your orders. Thus, customized package and marketing inserts are provided to promote your brand and give your customer an unforgettable purchase experience.

Recommended shipping methods from China to Canada


HK EMS, fast in speed, accept branded commodities and foods while goods with battery is unacceptable. Micro liquid and cosmetics are accepted depend on specific situations. Parcels above 6kg can enjoy a preferential price.

China Post & Hongkong Post

China Post and Hongkong Post are relatively cheap in cost. Delivery time will be 10-15 working days. Goods with battery are not suggested. Hongkong Post accept non-pure liquid cosmetics (depends on specific situations).


DHL is fast, stable and safe, especially for DHL Canada, which is also known for a competitive price. Lithium batteries and cell phones are acceptable. It is suitable for sending non-branded products to non-remote areas.

China EMS

China EMS accepts foods, medicines and health products. In some cases, battery, micro liquid and cosmetics can be sent as well. After customs clearance in UK, packages will be delivered by Parcelforce. If the package is above 6kg, HK EMS is recommended.

Some optional shipping methods from China to France and features

Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Time
(business days)
Line Features
DHL 3-6 Fast and good service
EMS 5-10 Easy for customs clearance, average speed and good service
EUB 10-20 Low price, normal spped, easy for customs clearance
AIR 15-30 Very low price, low speed, easy for customs clearance

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Professional Chinese Product Sourcing Agent Team

With the procurement capabilities of Chinadivision, you will have a professional team of experts who purchase products from China, building a good communication bridge for you. You will not need to come to China to have a detailed understanding of the production and quality issues of Chinese products, assist in judging and verifying the reliability of suppliers, find the most favorable prices in low-cost countries, solve cross-border procurement problems, save costs, and expand your business into new fields.

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