2024 wonderful year-end party! change! breakthrough!

Jan 29,2024
Company News
Chairman Ethan led us to review the achievements we have made together in the past year, expressed our heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work, and opened a new chapter in 2024.

On January 26, 2024, ChinaDivision held a wonderful year-end party in the State Banquet Hall on the 8th floor of the famous Shenzhen Yujing International Hotel to celebrate the glorious achievements of the past year and open a new chapter for the new year. This grand event unfolded in a series of unforgettable moments, creating lasting memories for all attendees.

Ethen toasts

The party kicked off in a warm and warm atmosphere. Employees signed in and entered the venue one after another. The venue was elegantly and grandly decorated, filled with a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. Colleagues and friends gathered together for an unforgettable evening. With the group photo taken, the party officially began.

chinadivision group photo

The air is filled with anticipation and excitement as everyone eagerly awaits the evening's festivities.

First of all, the company's chairman, Ethan, delivered a passionate speech, reviewing the achievements we have made together in the past year, and expressing his heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work. At the same time, it also puts forward expectations and visions for the new year, motivating everyone to continue working hard and achieve greater success. Recognize outstanding employees who demonstrate outstanding dedication and contribution throughout the year. The awards ceremony was held in recognition of their hard work and contribution to the success of ChinaDivision.

Awards ceremony

What follows is a series of exciting program performances. The dances, songs, sketches and other programs written and performed by the employees won bursts of applause and cheers from the audience. These programs not only showcase the talents and teamwork spirit of employees, but also convey our love and pursuit of a better life. It added a touch of excitement to the annual meeting, and the wonderful performances attracted the audience's attention. From engaging cultural displays to entertainment, the evening was filled with fun, laughter and celebration.

Annual meeting program performance

Of course, the party also includes an exciting lottery draw. Carefully prepared generous prizes brought the atmosphere to a climax. Attendees have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, adding anticipation and fun to the festivities. The lucky employees returned home with a full load, filled with joy and laughter.

Lucky Draw

The dinner party was even more lively. The delicacies feasted everyone's appetite and created a warm and harmonious atmosphere at the scene. While enjoying the delicious food, everyone talked about work and life, and shared each other's joy and harvest.

At the end of the party, each employee received a beautiful souvenir as a token of gratitude and commemoration of this unforgettable event. This gift symbolizes our care and gratitude to our employees, and also expresses our best wishes for the new year.

Exquisite souvenirs

The year-end party of 2024 ChinaDivision is not only a party, but also a celebration of the achievements in 2023, recognition of hard work, and proof of the strong connection between colleagues. The event demonstrates the company's commitment to fostering a positive, dynamic work culture.

As we reflect on the successes of the past year, ChinaDivision looks to a promising future filled with continued growth, collaboration and shared achievements. Let us use this party as a new starting point, work together to create greater glory! change! breakthrough! Set sail for 2024!