A Complete Analysis of the Last Mile Delivery Providers in Europe

Jul 03,2024
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Efficient last-mile delivery is an important part of customer satisfaction. What are the common pain points? What are the commonly used last-mile delivery providers in Europe

Efficient last mile delivery is an important part of customer satisfaction. As companies expand their cross-border business, last mile delivery services are directly related to customer experience and satisfaction. This blog will take a deep look at the commonly used last mile delivery providers in Europe to help companies and sellers who want to enter the European market better understand and choose the right logistics partners for themselves.

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What is last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery refers to the last distance from the logistics center or distribution station to the end consumer. It is usually the most complex and expensive part of the transportation process. This stage is usually the most challenging and costly part of the logistics chain, so choosing the right last mile delivery service is crucial. It not only tests the delivery efficiency and service quality of the logistics company, but also directly relates to customer satisfaction and brand image.

Last mile logistics is complex. It involves the last mile sorting and distribution center of the goods to ensure that the goods can be delivered quickly and accurately. This requires not only an efficient last mile carrier, but also an advanced last mile tracking system to ensure real-time monitoring and tracking of the goods.

What are the common pain points of last mile delivery?

Companies often encounter problems with slow or unreliable last mile delivery, and delivery speed and reliability affect customer satisfaction. Choosing a reputable last-mile delivery company in Europe can alleviate these issues and ensure timely and reliable service.

Secondly, many companies lack effective tracking systems, leading to uncertainty and dissatisfaction. Advanced last-mile tracking solutions provide real-time updates and improve transparency.

Last-mile delivery costs can also be high due to fuel costs, labor, and infrastructure. Efficient last-mile logistics and optimized routes can help manage and reduce these costs.

Customer expectations for faster and more flexible delivery methods continue to rise. Cost pressures and the need for efficient last-mile logistics. To overcome these challenges, many companies are turning to professional last-mile delivery services and innovative solutions.

Dealing with customs, regulations, and different delivery standards across Europe can be complex. It is essential to work with an experienced last-mile carrier who understands the details of last-mile delivery in Europe.

What are the commonly used last-mile couriers in Europe?

Deutsche Post/DHL Express/DHL Parcel

As the world's leading logistics companies under the Deutsche Post Group, DHL Express and DHL Parcel have a good reputation in Europe and around the world. DHL Express focuses on fast and reliable international express services, while DHL Parcel focuses on parcel delivery within the Benelux Economic Union. Its extensive network coverage and efficient service quality make it the first choice for many multinational companies. DHL Parcel's advanced last-mile tracking system ensures that customers and companies monitor goods in real time.


DPD, formerly known as GeoPost, is a French international express parcel company that has grown into the second largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. Handling millions of parcels every day, DPD has won market recognition for its high cost-effectiveness and stable service quality. For companies seeking economical logistics solutions, DPD is an ideal choice.

Royal Mail

As the largest logistics company in the UK, Royal Mail not only has a huge parcel delivery network in the UK, but also serves global customers through its international business department. Its efficient delivery system and rich experience ensure the smooth delivery of cross-border parcels.


GLS (General Logistics System), headquartered in the Netherlands, is the third largest logistics service provider in Europe. GLS not only provides postal services in 42 countries in Europe, but also covers many countries and regions around the world. GLS provides powerful last-mile logistics solutions, including efficient last-mile sorting and distribution centers. Its powerful logistics network and advanced tracking system make the transportation process of parcels transparent and controllable.


Although Hermes is part of the German company Hermes LogistiekGruppe Deutschland, it is particularly prominent in the UK's delivery network. Hermes focuses on last-mile delivery and provides customized solutions for e-commerce companies. Handling more than 245 million parcels each year, Hermes has won the favor of many consumers with its extensive network of couriers and convenient pickup point services.


Founded in 1716, Spanish Postal Group Correos is one of the oldest postal service providers in the world. Its rich historical experience and extensive network coverage have made Correos an important player in the logistics market in Spain and even Europe. In particular, its cooperation with Alibaba's Cainiao Network has further enhanced its competitiveness in the field of cross-border e-commerce logistics.


UPS provides comprehensive last-mile delivery services, focusing on reliability and customer satisfaction. Its advanced tracking system and efficient last-mile transportation make it a strong competitor in the European market.

How does Chinadivision solve user pain points?

Improve delivery efficiency

For multinational transport companies and sellers, improving delivery efficiency is the primary concern. Chinadivision has an advanced logistics system and extensive network coverage, which can ensure that goods are delivered to consumers quickly and accurately.

Optimize customer experience

Customer experience is an important part of a company's brand image. Chinadivision continuously improves customer satisfaction by providing convenient pickup point service cooperation, meeting the needs of real-time package tracking and efficient return and exchange processes. Chinadivision provides end-to-end last-mile solutions to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

Reduce costs

In terms of cost control, companies can choose cost-effective logistics solutions according to their own needs. While ensuring service quality, it saves logistics costs for companies. Chinadivision uses advanced algorithms to optimize the last mile transportation, reduce costs and increase transportation speed.

Enhance logistics transparency

Logistics transparency is the key to enhancing customer trust. All major end-to-end delivery providers provide detailed Last Mile Tracking Numbers, so that consumers can keep abreast of the transportation status of the package at any time, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

Whether it is from the last mile sorting and distribution center to the final delivery, Chinadivision's comprehensive last-mile fulfillment services meet your different needs.

When choosing a European last-mile delivery company, companies need to consider their own needs, logistics costs, delivery efficiency, customer experience and other factors. I hope this article can provide valuable last-mile delivery reference information for companies and sellers who want to enter the European market.

By making rational use of the last-mile delivery tracking number and the last-mile delivery service, chinadivision can provide transparent cargo tracking information, so that you and your customers can know the latest status of the goods in real time. Working with Chinadivision ensures that you get the support and technology you need to cope with the complexity of the last-mile delivery in Europe. If you want to learn more about cross-border transportation and logistics solutions, please feel free to contact chinadivision, we will provide you with professional logistics consulting and services.

About the Author: Limi

About the Author: Limi

Limi is a content marketing expert at ChinaDivision, helping businesses and e-commerce sellers navigate the complexities of international shipping by providing actionable tips and comprehensive guides on logistics, shipping, and cargo transportation.