How to Ship Samples from China to Around the World?

Feb 01,2024
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How to choose the right shipping method based on your budget and delivery urgency. What are the common international shipping services

Shipping samples from China to around the world involves multiple steps to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

General guidelines for shipping samples from China

Determine customs regulations

Research and understand the customs regulations and import and export requirements of the destination country. Different countries may have specific rules regarding the import of samples.

Packaging and labeling

Pack samples securely to prevent damage during transportation. Ensure packaging meets international shipping standards. Clearly label the package with necessary information including sender details, recipient details and sample instructions.


Prepare all required documentation, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and any certificates or licenses required for customs clearance. Make sure the information is accurate and matches the details on the packaging.

Choose shipping method

Choose the appropriate shipping method based on your budget and delivery urgency. Common options include air, sea or international express services. Air freight is faster but can be more expensive, while sea freight is cost-effective but takes longer.

Choose a freight forwarder or courier service

Choose a reliable freight forwarder or courier service with experience in international shipping. They can assist with documentation, customs clearance, and choosing the best shipping method.

Coordinate with customs broker

Work with a customs broker provided by the freight forwarder or hired independently to ensure that all customs procedures are followed accurately.

provide necessary information

Share accurate details about your samples with shipping companies and customs authorities. This includes the nature of the sample, its value and any relevant product information.

Track shipment

Monitor the progress of your shipment using the tracking service provided by your chosen shipping method. This helps to know the location and estimated time of arrival.


Consider purchasing insurance for your samples in transit to protect against loss or damage. Insurance provides financial protection in the event of unforeseen events.

follow up

Maintain communication with shipping companies, customs authorities, and recipients to resolve any issues or provide additional information as needed.

Ship Samples from China

By carefully planning, preparing documentation, and working with an experienced shipping partner, you can successfully ship samples from China to destinations around the world. Always understand each country's specific requirements to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

Can this shipping process be outsourced to a fulfillment service provider?

The shipping process, including handling samples from China to destinations around the world, can be outsourced to fulfillment service providers. Many fulfillment companies offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of the shipping process.

How can fulfillment providers help?

Warehousing and inventory management

Distribution centers often provide warehousing services, allowing you to store samples at their facility. They also manage inventory levels and provide real-time updates.

Order processing and packaging

Fulfillment providers can handle order processing, picking, packaging and sample labeling in accordance with international shipping standards.

Transportation method selection

The fulfillment center has experience with different modes of transportation, including air freight, sea freight and international express services. They can help you choose the most suitable and cost-effective option based on your requirements.

customs compliance

Fulfillment service providers often have expertise in customs procedures and documentation. They can ensure that all necessary documentation is accurately prepared and customs regulations are complied with.

Coordination with freight forwarders

Fulfillment centers may already have relationships with freight forwarders and shipping companies. They can coordinate the entire shipping process on your behalf.

Tracking and Visibility

Many fulfillment providers offer tracking services that allow you to monitor the status and location of your shipments in real time.

Insurance options

Some fulfillment companies offer insurance options to protect your samples during shipping.

Return processing

If necessary, fulfillment providers can handle returns and manage the reverse logistics process.

Technology integration

Fulfillment centers often integrate with e-commerce platforms and other systems to streamline order fulfillment and shipping processes.

Outsourcing the shipping process to a fulfillment service provider can be beneficial to businesses, especially those focused on e-commerce, as it allows them to focus on core activities such as marketing and product development. Additionally, fulfillment providers can realize cost savings by leveraging their existing network and logistics expertise. Before selecting a fulfillment partner, it is important to evaluate their capabilities, experience, and the range of services they offer to ensure they are a match for your specific needs.

What shipping options are available for sending samples from China?

There are several shipping methods to choose from when sending samples from China, each with its own advantages and considerations. The choice of shipping method depends on factors such as urgency of delivery, nature of the sample and budget constraints. The following are common shipping options:

Express delivery service

Providers: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc.

Delivery time: usually 3-7 days.

Advantages: Fast and reliable door-to-door delivery, real-time tracking, and customs clearance services. Suitable for smaller and urgent cargo.

air transport

Suppliers: Airlines and air freight companies.

Delivery time: usually 5-10 days.

Advantages: Faster than sea freight, suitable for larger shipments than express services. Provides a good balance between speed and cost.

ocean freight

Suppliers: Shipping companies and freight forwarders.

Delivery time: slower than air freight, usually 20-40 days depending on destination.

Pros: Cost-effective for high-volume shipments. Ideal for non-urgent or bulk shipments that accept longer shipping times.

postal service

Provider: China Post, EMS and other national postal services.

Delivery times: vary widely and are usually longer than express services.

Pros: Cost-effective for a small, lightweight package. Suitable for freight that does not have high time requirements.

Rail freight

Provider: Rail freight operators and logistics companies.

Delivery time: Generally faster than sea freight, but slower than air freight, depending on the specific rail route.

Pros: Cost-effective for larger shipments than air freight, but less time-sensitive. Especially suitable for shipments to Europe.

Combined transportation (multimodal transportation)

Provider: A freight forwarder that provides combined air and ocean or rail and ocean services.

Delivery time: Depends on combination selected.

Pros: Balance between speed and cost. Suitable for shipments where part of the journey is time-sensitive.

Direct sales or fulfillment services

Providers: Third-party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment companies.

Delivery time: Depends on selected service provider and shipping method.

Pros: Outsource the entire fulfillment process, including storage, packaging, and shipping, to a third-party provider. Often integrated with e-commerce platforms.

About the Author: Limi

About the Author: Limi

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