A Detailed Guide to Shopify Order Fulfillment and Shipping Options

Apr 08,2024
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What is Shopify order fulfillment and shipping? What scenarios are different transportation fulfillment methods suitable for? How should e-commerce sellers choose

As a professional third-party shipping service provider, providing detailed shipping guides to Shopify sellers is key to helping you optimize logistics management and customer experience, allowing sellers to better choose the shipping method that suits them. The following is a detailed shipping guide compiled for Shopify sellers to help sellers better choose the shipping method that suits them.

What is Shopify order fulfillment and shipping?

  1. Shopify Shipping supports self-fulfillment
  2. Third-party shipping for Shopify
  3. Shopify Fulfillment Network

Shopify Shipping supports self-fulfillment

Shopify Shipping allows merchants to handle shipping themselves, managing and fulfilling orders directly through the Shopify platform. This means the seller is responsible for packaging the order, arranging for carrier pickup, and independently managing shipping logistics. With Shopify Shipping, sellers can easily manage orders, print labels, and work directly with multiple couriers.

Scenarios where Shopify Shipping supports self-fulfillment

Shopify Shipping

This one is for small businesses or merchants who like to handle their own fulfillment process, have relatively low order volumes, and want to maintain control of the entire shipping process. It can be directly integrated into the Shopify platform for easy management; it provides a variety of shipping options and preferential shipping costs.

Use this method of shipping if you want to have personal control over the logistics process and the ability to store inventory and process orders yourself.

Advantages of Shopify Shipping Supporting Self-Fulfillment

Convenient integration

Shopify Shipping is seamlessly integrated with the Shopify platform, so sellers can complete order processing and shipping arrangements without switching between multiple platforms.

cost optimization

By cooperating with multiple express delivery companies, Shopify Shipping can provide sellers with competitive freight quotes and help them reduce costs.

Shipping Tracking

Shopify Shipping supports shipping tracking functions, allowing sellers and buyers to understand order status in real time and improve customer satisfaction.

Third-party shipping for Shopify

In addition to Shopify Shipping, sellers can also choose to use Shopify’s third-party shipping services. Sellers can choose third-party logistics service providers that work with Shopify to fulfill orders. Provided by professional third-party logistics companies, it can meet the various transportation needs of sellers.

Outsource shipping and fulfillment tasks to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider or shipping service like chinadivision. Third-party shipping providers typically provide a full suite of services including warehousing, packaging, shipping and returns processing.

Utilizing professional logistics services can improve efficiency and reduce the operational burden on sellers; you will no longer need to manage order fulfillment, packaging and delivery logistics, let chindivision handle it.

Applicable scenarios for Shopify’s third-party shipping

This approach is suitable for cross-border shipping and large-scale shipping merchants who want to streamline operations and expand their business without worrying about logistics or lacking the infrastructure or resources to handle in-house fulfillment.

If your orders are large, require international shipping, or don't have your own warehouse facilities, you can consider this method to fulfill your orders. In addition, businesses seeking professional transportation services or international transportation support can benefit from third-party transportation, and large-volume transportation can also save more on transportation costs.

Advantages of Third-Party Shipping for Shopify

Professional Experience

Third-party logistics companies usually have extensive industry experience and expertise and are able to provide sellers with customized shipping solutions.

Flexible choice

Sellers can choose different shipping methods and speeds according to their own needs to meet different order needs.

Reduce the burden on

By using a third-party shipping service, sellers can relieve themselves of the burden by offloading many of the tedious tasks in the shipping process to a professional team.

Shopify’s third-party shipping is a smart choice for sellers who want to leave their shipping to a professional team.

Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN)

Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) is a service provided by Shopify that handles inventory storage, order fulfillment, and shipping for sellers through a global network of fulfillment centers. SFN is a network of fulfillment centers managed by Shopify. Merchants can store their products in these centers, and when an order is placed, Shopify automatically selects the nearest fulfillment center to pick, pack, and ship the order.

SFN provides fast delivery services, such as 2-day or 3-day delivery; it can adjust inventory distribution according to demand and optimize transportation efficiency.

Useful scenarios for Shopify Fulfillment Network

For businesses that are growing rapidly and looking for a scalable fulfillment solution. SFN is ideal for merchants who want to optimize shipping times, reduce shipping costs, and provide customers with fast and reliable delivery.

Advantages of Shopify Fulfillment Network

Fast shipping

By leveraging Shopify's global network of fulfillment centers, sellers can achieve faster order processing and delivery, improving customer experience.

Inventory management

Shopify Fulfillment Network provides an advanced inventory management system to help sellers understand inventory status in real time and optimize inventory allocation.

Customer Support

The Shopify fulfillment network also provides customers with comprehensive customer service support, including order inquiries, returns and exchanges processing, etc., to reduce sellers’ after-sales pressure.

Things to note when choosing a transportation method

Order quantity

If you have lower order volumes and want to maintain control of your shipping process, self-fulfilling with Shopify Shipping may be appropriate. For large order volumes, third party shipping or SFN may be more efficient.

International Transport

If you have international customers, consider a shipping method that offers international shipping support, such as Third Party Shipping or SFN.

product complexity

If your product requires special handling or has specific shipping requirements, a third-party shipping service with expertise in your product category may be helpful.


If you anticipate business growth and need a flexible, scalable solution, consider SFN or partner with a third-party logistics provider.

transportation cost

Evaluate the shipping costs associated with each method and choose an option that fits your budget while providing customers with competitive pricing.

Shipping speed and reliability

Consider the shipping speed and reliability each method offers to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

When Shopify sellers choose a shipping method, they should weigh it based on their own needs and business characteristics. Whether you choose Shopify Shipping to support self-fulfillment, use Shopify's third-party shipping service, or rely on the Shopify fulfillment network, you should ensure that you can provide customers with an efficient and reliable shipping experience.

Efficient and reliable order transportation is not only related to customer satisfaction, but also your business. As a professional third-party logistics (3PL) service provider, we strongly recommend that you use 3PL solutions to optimize your order transportation process. With 3PL Shopify, you can enjoy seamless inventory management, automated order fulfillment and fast and reliable delivery services, all achieved through chinadivision's professional logistics network.

Choosing 3PL Shopify means that you will work with a professional logistics team. chinadivision has rich industry experience and expertise and can provide you with customized, all-round transportation solutions. Fast and accurate order processing and delivery will enhance the customer experience and increase repeat business.

Instead of managing your own warehouse and handling in-house fulfillment, you can store your inventory in a 3PL provider's warehouse. Whether it is domestic or international transportation, ordinary parcels or bulk goods, we can develop the most suitable transportation plan for you based on your needs.

You will be able to enjoy more efficient and convenient transportation services. By cooperating with multiple express companies, we can get more favorable freight quotes for you and reduce transportation costs. No matter where your customers are in the world, 3PL can help you achieve global sales easily.