Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Poly Mailers for Shipping

May 23,2024
Industry News
What are the different types of polyethylene mailers available for shipping? How to choose whether to use poly mailers? What are the effects on the environment

What are poly mailers?

Poly mailers, also known as polyethylene envelopes, are lightweight, durable plastic packaging bags. Made from a synthetic material of polyethylene, Poly mailers are able to protect the product inside from weather conditions such as rain or high humidity, and can be printed on poly mailers. Poly mailers offer strong protection against dust, moisture, dirt and tampering, ensuring your items reach your customers intact. Additionally, they are cost-effective, easy to store, and can be customized to enhance branding.

Poly Mailers

What are the different types of polyethylene mailing bags available for shipping?

Flat lay plastic mailing bags

These are basic standard polyester mailing bags, usually white or gray, without any padding or lining. They provide lightweight protection for items that don't require additional cushioning, such as clothing, magazines, or books. Flat-lay mail is generally less expensive and can be self-sealed with tape. Suitable for items that are durable or already protected and do not require additional cushioning.

Compostable polyethylene mailing bags

The mailers are made from plant materials such as cornstarch or other biodegradable polymers that break down into compost under proper industrial composting conditions. Similar to a standard lay-flat mailer, but made from compostable materials that break down and return to nature.

Clear View Poly Mailing Bag

The mailers have a clear plastic front so the contents can be seen, while the back is opaque to allow for labeling. They are ideal for shipping printed materials such as catalogs or brochures. Products can be displayed as they arrive at the customer's doorstep. Shipping information, labels and branding can be added to the back of the mailer.

Expanded/gusseted polyethylene mailing bags

They feature expandable side gussets to accommodate larger items. High-strength seams keep product secure even when overstuffed.

Bubble lined polyethylene mailing bags

They feature bubble wrap cushioning lining to provide extra protection for fragile items like jewelry, electronics, or delicate books. The bubble lining adds some bulk but protects against impact.

Tyvek Mylar Mailer

Tyvek Mailing Bags are made from polyethylene fiber, making them extremely durable and tear-resistant, making them more durable than other types of polyethylene mailing bags and ideal for transporting important documents or photos.

Colorful polyester mailing bags

Similar to flat mailers, but available in a variety of colors, they build branding and make your packaging stand out.

Recyclable polyethylene mailing bags

They have two adhesive strips - one for initial shipment and one for customers to easily return the product.

Changju mailing bag

Slim mailers are designed for shipping long, narrow products such as posters, wallpaper rolls, or fabrics.

The type of plastic mailer chosen depends on the products being shipped, the level of protection required, and branding requirements.

Recycled polyethylene mailing bags

Made from pre-consumer or post-industrial recycled plastic waste rather than virgin plastic. They help reduce the production of new plastic while giving existing plastic a second life. Recycled plastic mailing bags are durable, lightweight, and customizable, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious brands.

Expanding polyethylene mailing bag

Heavy-duty, tamper-resistant polyethylene mailer ideal for larger items.

Biodegradable polyethylene mailing bags

Similar to compostable mail, but made from plastic, it will break down through natural processes over time, even if not industrially composted. Polyethylene-free, often made from ethanol from plant-based sources like cornstarch and sugar cane, is another sustainable packaging option for eco-friendly brands.

Benefits of using polyethylene mailers for shipping

save costs

Polyethylene mailers are generally much less expensive than boxes or other packaging options, typically costing about $0.25 per mailer when purchased in bulk. Light weight and low profile help reduce shipping costs, especially when rates are determined by weight or dimensional weight.

space efficiency

Poly mailers take up very little space compared to boxes, making them more efficient to store and ship. They don't require any assembly and stack neatly.

Convenient and easy to use

Polyethylene mailers feature self-sealing fold-over lips, eliminating the need for tape or additional packaging. Shipping labels can be affixed directly to the mail. Can be customized with branding for a professional look.

Protection and durability

Polyethylene mailers provide a waterproof and dustproof barrier to protect contents during shipping.

They are tear-resistant and can withstand the impact typical of non-fragile items during transportation.

Bubble mailers provide extra cushioning for slightly denser items like books or CDs.

environmental benefits

Many plastic mailing bags are reusable, recyclable, or made from biodegradable materials, reducing their impact on the environment.

Disadvantages of using polyethylene mailers for shipping

limited protection

Polyethylene mailers offer little protection for fragile or breakable items such as glass, ceramics, or electronics. Standard poly mailers without bubble lining do not cushion products from impacts or drops during shipping.

Not suitable for multiple items

Polyethylene mailing bags are designed to ship one or several soft goods at a time. They are not suitable for transporting multiple items together, especially if the items are rigid or need to be separated.

Risk of tearing/tampering

The adhesive tape on polyethylene mailers may not always seal properly, which may cause the contents to spill if the mailer tears during handling. Polyethylene mailers offer little tamper resistance compared to sealed boxes.

Environmental issues

Polyethylene mailing bags are made from plastic, which is not biodegradable and takes hundreds of years to break down in landfills. As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, using plastic mailers that are not eco-friendly can harm your brand’s reputation.

size limit

Polyethylene mailing bags have a limited range of sizes and therefore cannot accommodate very large, bulky or irregularly shaped items.

Polyethylene mailing bags offer a variety of advantages to e-commerce businesses, including cost savings, space efficiency, convenience, and reasonable protection of non-fragile items during shipping. However, they have limitations in terms of protecting fragile items, fitting multiple items, risk of tearing or tampering, environmental concerns, and size restrictions.

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