DHL Shipment on Hold: Common Reasons and Solutions

Apr 19,2024
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Why is your DHL shipment on hold? This is the question in the minds of many merchants and customers waiting for goods. What are the solutions for DHL shipments that are on hold

What do you do when your DHL shipment suddenly stalls, showing "on hold" status? Why is your DHL shipment showing on hold? How long will a DHL shipment be held on hold? What are the reasons why DHL shipments are held up?

This is the question on the minds of many merchants and customers who are anxiously waiting for their goods. In this article, we’ll delve into the common reasons why DHL shipments are held up and provide practical solutions to help you respond quickly and reduce the inconvenience caused. Whether you are an e-commerce seller or a participant in international trade, mastering this information will make you more comfortable in logistics management.

DHL Shipment on Hold

In the fields of international trade and e-commerce, DHL, as the world's leading logistics service provider, is deeply trusted by merchants and consumers for its efficient and reliable services. However, shipments may occasionally be held up in transit, which not only results in delivery delays but can also impact customer satisfaction and business reputation. If you are facing the dilemma of a DHL shipment being held up, it is important to understand the reasons behind it and master the corresponding solutions.

What does a DHL shipment on hold mean?

When your DHL shipment is on hold it means there is a temporary delay in package delivery. This status does not necessarily indicate a problem with the shipment, but rather indicates that the shipment is unable to reach its intended destination.

But it can also be caused by issues such as customs inspections, incorrect or incomplete destination addresses, duties and taxes, and more.

Today, as global trade becomes increasingly frequent, DHL, as a leader in the international express delivery industry, provides great convenience for our parcel delivery. As your package travels from country to country and city to city, you will receive tracking updates indicating where your package was last scanned to a DHL facility or local courier.

If you receive a "on hold" message, it means your package has stopped its journey and is being held at a facility. Generally speaking, this can cause a delay in the package's journey, meaning it may not arrive on the estimated delivery date.

What are the common reasons why DHL shipments are held?

Port congestion problem

If a package is sent overseas and needs to pass through a congested port, delays may occur due to port congestion. This occurs when a port receives more container ship traffic than it can effectively handle.

Customs clearance delays

A common reason why a shipment is held is that it is undergoing customs clearance. International shipments must go through customs, and if there are delays in the customs clearance process, the package may be held until it clears customs. Especially for international shipments, as authorities will verify the content and ensure all relevant duties and taxes have been paid.

Recipient cannot receive or sender information is lacking

Shipments may be held because the recipient is unable to receive the package or there is a problem with the shipping address.

Customs checks the package

In some cases, shipments may be held due to security concerns or issues related to shipping regulatory compliance. The shipping company or customs authorities may need to investigate and resolve these issues before releasing the shipment.

Port congestion problem

Due to the high volume of packages, items may be held up because there are not enough staff or shipping options to streamline the process. This is especially common during the holidays, when demand for goods is higher.

Route interruption

From road closures and bad weather to epidemics and strikes, a host of external events happening around the world can cause packages to be put on hold. There's not much you can do in these situations except wait for tracking updates.

Local dhl express shipment on hold

When DHL ships shipments, they are delivered to one of the 220 postal providers the company works with worldwide. If your shipping provider experiences delays, this may result in your package being held.

Documentation is incomplete

Incorrect or incomplete paperwork, such as a missing or inaccurate commercial invoice, packing list, or bill of lading, can result in a hold on the shipping company while it seeks to resolve these issues.

Natural disasters or other disturbances

Other factors, such as severe weather events or holidays, may disrupt logistics and transportation networks, causing delays until conditions improve and delivery services can safely resume.

What are the solutions for DHL shipments that are on hold?

Regularly check the tracking status of your shipments

Track your shipment via the package's tracking number to see if there are any specific reasons for the hold. Checking the tracking number may provide an updated delivery date and can help you better understand if there is a delay.

Generally speaking, international package delivery takes 3 to 14 days. Domestic packages may take 3 to 8 days. If you are the sender, please notify the recipient that their package is being held and provide them with regular updates.

Make sure package documents are correct

If you're shipping an international package, double-check your destination country's customs regulations to limit delays. If you find any errors, resolve them immediately to speed up the process.

Each country has different paperwork requirements. Typically, you will need to provide a commercial invoice, free sales letter, bill of lading, certificate of origin, and export packing list.

Duties and taxes may apply in some countries. Please be sure to pay all necessary fees to prevent being held. If you receive an international package, please ensure that all charges are paid and that your address and preferred contact details are correct.

Pay attention to the shipping address information

Keep an eye on your shipping address for any updates on strikes, social unrest, weather updates, and similar issues that may affect your packages. If you see a big storm or a local courier strike, this could be a sign as to why your package is being delayed.

If your package still hasn't arrived or isn't updated, you can also start investigating your package by contacting the merchant or online store.

In some cases, there may be external factors causing delays, such as port congestion or natural disasters. In these cases, it may be necessary to wait for conditions to improve before continuing to ship goods.

FAQs about DHL shipments being held

How long do DHL shipments usually stay on hold?

DHL packages may be held on hold for hours or days. In many cases, their packages were held up for hours. However, it's not uncommon for packages to sit stranded for days or even weeks, especially in times of severe weather or social unrest.

What happens when the package starts moving again?

Once your package starts shipping again, you'll receive an update telling you it's "in transit." This does not explain what happened or anything related to it, your package should arrive shortly after this. The exact time will depend on the shipping method you use and how far you need to travel.

Will DHL provide a new estimated delivery time?

You can also estimate when your package will be shipped again, but this highly depends on the circumstances. If further delays occur, some DHL employees will be reluctant to provide estimates as this could lead to angry customers.

Are there any types of shipping that can avoid "on hold" delays?

Don't just pay more to make sure your shipment doesn't get stuck anywhere. "On hold" can happen to any package, whether it's cheap or expensive to ship

Is a DHL shipment being held a sign of a lost package?

No, just because a package is on hold does not mean it is lost. Packages are often held on hold for a few hours before being shipped again. If customs documents are submitted incorrectly or the package contains something that shouldn't be there, you may find that your package is confiscated. In this case, you should receive a call or notification from the merchant or customs.

How to avoid "DHL shipment on hold" situation?

There is almost nothing you can do to prevent this from happening. This is due to problems the courier company encounters while delivering your package and is therefore beyond your control. The only thing you can do is make sure you are shipping legitimate goods to avoid delays by customs authorities, and that you have paid all relevant fees and filled out any relevant paperwork.