Difference Between Awaited Fulfillment and Awaited Shipment

Oct 10,2023
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Understand the importance of Awaited Fulfillment and Awaited Shipment for companies engaged in global international logistics and transportation order business

Unlock the Secrets of International Order Fulfillment Logistics: Ever wondered what 'Awaited Fulfillment' and 'Awaited Shipment' truly mean in the dynamic world of international logistics?

Dive into our comprehensive guide that demystifies these terms, providing insights into the anticipation and expectation surrounding order completion and shipments in the global supply chain. Explore the stages, nuances, and significance of 'Awaited Fulfillment and Awaited Shipment' status updates, and gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies that shape efficient and seamless international order fulfillment.

What Is the Meaning of Awaited Fulfillment and Awaited Shipment?

What does “Awaited Fulfillment” mean?

"Awaited fulfillment" refers to the anticipation or expectation of the completion of a task, order, or process. It suggests that there is an impending action or event that is eagerly awaited or expected to happen. When you place an order online and complete payment, the order system will change your order status to "Awaiting Fulfillment". But at this time, the merchant has not started processing your order.

Every e-commerce store has its order processing schedule. Generally speaking, the normal working time for order processing is 1-2 working days. In case of holidays or special circumstances, the "waiting for fulfillment" status will last for 7-10 working days.

What does “Awaited Shipment” mean?

Once the merchant has completed picking and packing your order and sent you a confirmation email, the order system will change the order status to "Awaited Shipment." This refers to the state in which the merchant has received the order and is ready to ship it, but the goods have not yet been delivered to the courier company or logistics service provider for distribution. In this case, the merchant may need some time to process the order, prepare the items, and arrange for shipment.

How long does awaiting shipment take?

Once the item has been handed over to the courier or logistics service provider, the status will change to "shipped". Packages are usually dispatched within 24 hours, but may take around 48 hours during peak seasons.

Pre-shipment info sent usps awaits item

The status "pre-shipment info sent, USPS awaits item" typically means that the shipping label or pre-shipment information has been created and sent to the United States Postal Service (USPS). However, the physical item or package is yet to be received by the USPS for processing and shipment.

In this stage, the shipping label, tracking information, and details about the package have been transmitted to USPS, but the actual physical package hasn't been handed over to the postal service or hasn't entered their processing system. It's a preliminary stage in the shipping process, and the next update you might see could be when the USPS receives the item and initiates the shipping process.

Awaited Fulfillment and Awaited Shipment

Other international logistics order status instructions

In international logistics, various order status instructions or terms are used to communicate the different stages of a shipment. Here are some common international logistics order status instructions:

In Transit:

The shipment is currently en route and moving between locations.

Arrived at Destination:

The shipment has reached its intended destination.

Customs Clearance:

The shipment is in the process of being cleared through customs.

Out for Delivery:

The shipment is on its way for final delivery to the recipient.

Held at Customs:

The shipment is temporarily held by customs for inspection or other clearance procedures.


The shipment has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Failed Delivery Attempt:

Delivery was attempted but unsuccessful. This could be due to various reasons such as the recipient not being available.

Return to Sender:

The shipment is being returned to the sender, often due to delivery failure or an issue with the address.

Pending Shipment:

The shipment is awaiting processing or has not yet been dispatched.

Shipment Cancelled:

The shipment has been cancelled, and delivery will not proceed.

On Hold:

The shipment is temporarily on hold, often due to specific instructions or issues that need to be addressed.

Shipment Lost or Damaged:

Indicates that the shipment has encountered issues such as loss or damage in transit.

These status instructions are crucial for tracking and managing international shipments efficiently, providing transparency and real-time information to all parties involved in the logistics process.

Explanation of other order status:


Pending status in online shopping means that the customers start the checkout process but they do not finish it. It is the first status during the whole order fulfillment process.

Awaited Payment:

The ordering system enters the payment page, you need to choose a check or money order to pay, but the payment has yet to be confirmed.

Or you selected a credit card, and it has not yet been processed.

Partially Shipped:

Part of your order has already been shipped, and the other part may be in another box.

The merchant may not be able to ship due to insufficient inventory, and you will receive a new email notification.


Your order has been shipped, but the receipt has not been confirmed. “Shipped” status can be found under the More tab of the View Orders screen.


The consignee has received the product he/she buys and receipt has been confirmed.


The seller has cancelled the order because of the stock inconsistenccy or other reasons. When the seller cancels an order, he/she don’t need to refund the order because he/she hasn’t received money of the order, and the money the buyer has paid for the order can automatically be returned to the buyer’s account.


The seller has completed the Refund action of the order, and the buyer has received the refund.


The buyer has filed a dispute with his/her Credit Card Company or PayPal Dispute section when he/she had paid for the product but nothing delivered to him/her.