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May 30,2024
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How to overcome high freight costs, packaging, tracking difficulties and other problems with international parcel forwarding services to improve the global logistics experience

As a seller or business, have you ever faced delivery restrictions, high freight costs, complex customs clearance processes, insufficient packaging protection, tracking difficulties, tariffs and tax issues, and complexity of returns and exchanges? These issues not only reduce the shopping experience, but may also lead to sales losses and customer churn. How to overcome these difficulties and achieve efficient and worry-free international trade?

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Next, we will explore in detail how international parcel forwarding services can help you overcome these difficulties, enhance your global logistics experience, and help your business leap across borders and reach the world.

Different types of freight services

Standard parcel forwarding service: basic service for ordinary goods and personal mailing.

Premium parcel forwarding service: provides a faster and safer freight experience, suitable for customers with high requirements for timeliness and security.

International freight service: focuses on cross-border freight, covering delivery services in many countries and regions around the world.

When businesses or sellers consider using international parcel forwarding services, they may face a series of pain points that may affect their business and customer experience. Below are some common pain points of international parcel forwarding services and the technical solutions provided by chinadivision.

Solve the problem of direct delivery restrictions

Many international retailers do not provide delivery services to certain countries, limiting the sales scope of sellers and businesses. ChinaDivision covers forwarding services in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, opening the door to borderless sales for you and unblocking global freight channels.

Through our international warehouse network, you can send your products to our warehouses around the world, and then we will be responsible for forwarding the packages to the final destination. No matter which country or region, we can ensure that your products are delivered smoothly.

Solve the problem of high shipping costs

ChinaDivision has obtained lower shipping discounts by leveraging its long-term partnerships with many international logistics companies. Multiple packages can be combined into one shipment to reduce the total shipping cost. In addition, we also provide flexible shipping options, and you can choose the most cost-effective shipping solution according to your needs.

Solve the complex customs clearance process

The complexity and uncertainty of the customs clearance process often lead to delays and additional costs. ChinaDivision has a professional customs clearance team that is familiar with the import regulations and procedures of various countries. We will handle all relevant documents for you to ensure that your goods pass through customs smoothly. Our services include pre-calculating duties and taxes to avoid unexpected fees and delays during customs clearance.

Solve packaging protection issues

Inadequate packaging protection can easily lead to damage to goods during transportation, affecting customer experience. ChinaDivision provides professional warehousing and packaging services. We use high-quality packaging materials and technologies, select appropriate packaging materials according to the characteristics of the goods, and ensure that your products are optimally protected during transportation. We also provide insurance options to make your goods safer and more reliable during transportation.

Solve tracking difficulties

During international transportation, real-time tracking of packages is often a problem. ChinaDivision provides an advanced full-process visual cargo tracking system, and you can view the transportation status of the package online at any time. Ensure that every step of the transportation process is clearly visible, reducing uncertainty and customer anxiety.

Solve tariff and tax issues

Tariffs and taxes are important considerations in cross-border trade, and improper handling can result in high costs. ChinaDivision provides a comprehensive tax solution to calculate duties and taxes for you in advance and handle all relevant documents to ensure that your goods are smoothly cleared in the destination country and avoid unnecessary costs.

Solve the complexity of returns and exchanges

The international return and exchange process is cumbersome, affecting customer satisfaction and business efficiency. ChinaDivision provides flexible return and exchange services. We can handle the return and exchange process worldwide, ensuring that your customers receive efficient and satisfactory services when returning goods. Our services include return processing, repackaging and resending, simplifying the entire return and exchange process.

Among the many parcel forwarding service providers, it is crucial to choose a service provider with distinctive advantages and competitiveness. Here are some unique advantages of Chinadivision as a third-party freight forwarding service provider:

Global network coverage: We have a distribution network all over the world to meet your freight needs in different countries and regions.

Customized services: We provide personalized freight solutions, tailoring service content and prices according to your specific needs. It allows you to concentrate multiple purchases, reduce shipping costs, and provide secure packaging services.

Real-time tracking system: Enjoy online tracking and support, keep abreast of the latest developments of your parcels, and ensure a transparent and secure transportation experience.

Professional customer service support: We have a professional customer service team to provide you with worry-free freight consultation and after-sales service throughout the process.

Innovation in e-commerce fulfillment: With the booming development of e-commerce, we provide e-commerce fulfillment services to help online retailers manage inventory, optimize logistics, and provide warehouse storage solutions.

Door-to-door delivery options: Every step of the way from origin to destination ensures your package arrives safely and on time.

Chinadivision prides itself on providing the cheapest package forwarding service while guaranteeing quality. Our competitive pricing structure ensures you get value for money and makes it easier for you to get products and services from all over the world. Whether you are shipping a single package or managing a large business, our cost-effective solutions meet the needs of businesses and individuals of all sizes.

If you are interested in our package forwarding services or have any questions and needs, please feel free to contact us. You can get in touch with us in the following ways:

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