Amazon Seller Shipping Method Selection Guide

Dec 20,2023
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As an Amazon shipping service provider, Chinadivision offers a variety of international Amazon shipping options and provides you with customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your business

I believe that many Amazon sellers are at a loss when choosing a shipping method for product or goods delivery. They have all experienced logistics delays and lost goods, and are even worried about high logistics costs. These are common problems in the Amazon logistics transportation process, so how to effectively deal with and solve the problems?

Amazon sellers need to consider multiple factors when choosing a shipping method, including product characteristics, shipping costs, shipping time, customer experience, and their own business needs.

What are the options for Amazon sellers to ship their products?

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

FBA is a warehousing and distribution service provided by Amazon. FBA offers benefits like Prime eligibility, fast shipping, and customer service. Sellers send product inventory to Amazon's warehouse fulfillment centers, and Amazon stores, picks, packs and ships products to customers. The advantages of FBA include fast shipping, excellent customer service, and convenient returns processing. If your products are standard sizes and your sales are stable, FBA may be a good choice. However, FBA fees are relatively high and Amazon’s strict regulations need to be followed.

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)

Fulfillment for Merchant (FBM) is a fulfillment method on Amazon where sellers themselves are responsible for storing, packaging, and shipping products to customers when an order is placed. Unlike Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), where Amazon handles the entire fulfillment process, FBM gives sellers more control over the logistics of their products.

The advantages of this approach are flexibility, better cost control, and direct contact with customers. However, FBM requires sellers to invest more time and energy in processing orders and returns.

SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime)

SFP allows sellers to use their own warehouses to fulfill Prime orders. To join SFP, sellers need to meet certain conditions, such as fast delivery, high-quality customer service, etc. The advantage of SFP is that it can increase product exposure, increase sales, and enjoy the benefits of Prime membership. However, SFP’s fees are also relatively high and Amazon’s strict regulations need to be followed.

Shipping from overseas warehouses

Sellers can establish overseas warehouses in their target markets. The advantages of shipping from overseas warehouses are that it can shorten delivery time, reduce transportation costs, and provide better customer service. However, overseas warehouses require sellers to invest more money and time in management.

Third-party fulfillment services

Third-party fulfillment services refer to third-party organizations providing order fulfillment, warehousing management, logistics and distribution services to sellers. This kind of service can help sellers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Orders can be processed quickly and accurately, reducing sellers’ operational pressure. By outsourcing order fulfillment, warehousing management and other aspects, sellers can reduce labor costs and operating costs and improve profitability.

Shipping Method for Amazon

Third-party fulfillment services often provide high-quality customer service, such as fast shipping, accurate delivery, returns and exchange processing, etc., thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Choose a third-party agency with good reputation and stable service to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of orders. When choosing, sellers need to comprehensively consider factors such as service quality, price, and customization to choose the service provider that best suits them.

The above are the different delivery methods that Amazon buyers can choose. When choosing a delivery method, it is recommended that sellers consider comprehensively based on their product characteristics, business needs and market conditions. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the fees, regulations and requirements of different delivery methods to ensure that you choose the method that best suits you.

Choose the right amazon shipping method

As an Amazon shipping provider, we understand that choosing the right shipping method is critical to the successful operation of your Amazon business. We offer a variety of shipping options and customize solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

First, we will gain a deep understanding of your products and customer base in order to recommend the most suitable shipping method for you. Consider the nature of your product, your target audience's preferences, and shipping requirements to ensure your items get to your customers safely and quickly.

Second, we evaluate the fulfillment options offered by Amazon, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Based on your business model and goals, we can help you choose the most suitable delivery method. FBA offers Prime qualifications and customer trust, while FBM gives you more control.

In terms of shipping speed, the importance of fast delivery to customer satisfaction. Depending on your needs, you can choose fast shipping options like Amazon Prime shipping or FBA’s two-day shipping.

In addition, we will also calculate the shipping costs related to different transportation methods. There are no hidden costs in the whole process and the prices are completely transparent. We will compare the shipping costs of FBA and FBM for you so that you can make informed decisions within your budget.

If you have international shipping needs, we provide international shipping options and related considerations. Understand customs regulations, shipping times, and costs associated with delivering products globally to help you successfully expand into international markets.

Finally, we help you understand and comply with Amazon's shipping policies and requirements to ensure your business can run smoothly and achieve better results.

As an Amazon shipping service provider, Chinadivision is committed to providing you with the best shipping solutions to increase customer satisfaction and promote your business success. We're ready to provide you with help and advice to ensure you excel on the Amazon marketplace.

Advantages of choosing third-party fulfillment service chinadivision to ship FBA shipments

  1. The charging standards are open and transparent, and sellers can calculate the fees based on the volume, weight and other parameters of the goods. Not only that, we also offer competitive shipping costs and reduced warehousing fees, which help sellers control costs within their budget and ensure that their goods reach their destination smoothly.
  2. 24*7 service, providing real-time warehouse management system, allowing you to monitor the status of your goods at any time.
  3. Customizable services, chinadivision can provide repackaging, labeling, invoicing and other services for your products according to your requirements and Amazon's standards.
  4. ChinaDivision provides high-quality customer service support, including online customer service, telephone support, etc. No matter what problems you encounter, sellers can contact us at any time and get timely solutions.
  5. By using ChinaDivision’s FBA service, sellers can sell products directly to Amazon’s global market. This helps expand sales channels, increase brand awareness, and get more customers and orders.
  6. ChinaDivision cooperates closely with Amazon and has an efficient logistics network and professional delivery team. Safely transport your goods to the Amazon warehouse through the FBA special line or other express companies, ensuring that the goods are delivered from China to Amazon's warehouse in a short time, providing sellers with timely supply.
  7. As an Amazon logistics service provider in China, ChinaDivision has an in-depth understanding of FBA’s operating procedures and regulations. We can provide professional guidance and assistance to ensure that the goods enter Amazon's warehouse smoothly and achieve better sales results.
  8. Chinadivision provides comprehensive amazon shipping tracking services, allowing users to easily monitor the transportation trajectory of goods in real time. Chinadivision utilizes advanced tracking technology to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information on the location and status of their shipments.

With Chinadivision’s tracking service, users can follow key milestones from when a package leaves the warehouse to its final destination. This real-time tracking capability increases customer satisfaction, builds trust, and allows sellers to proactively resolve any potential issues that may arise during shipping.

Choosing ChinaDivision to handle FBA goods can provide you with professional operational guidance, fast delivery, transparent fees, high-quality customer service and global market expansion opportunities. These advantages can help sellers better manage inventory, improve sales performance and reduce costs.

Frequently asked questions about amazon ship services

Q: Does amazon ship internationally?

A: Yes, Amazon offers international shipping to many countries around the world. However, the availability of international shipping options may vary based on the specific product, seller, and destination country. Not all products are eligible for international shipping, and some sellers may choose to restrict their shipping to certain regions.

Q: Is Amazon Free Shipping available for all products?

A: While Amazon Free Shipping is a popular benefit, it's important to note that not all products qualify for this service. Eligibility is often determined by the seller, product category, and the specific terms of the promotion.

Q: What are the requirements for Amazon's Free Same-Day Delivery?

A: Amazon's Free Same-Day Delivery is a Prime member benefit available on qualifying orders in select areas. To be eligible, the order must meet certain criteria, including a minimum purchase threshold and specific product eligibility.