Increase Sales and Reduce Costs With Ebay Combined Shipping

Jun 11,2024
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For international shipping fulfillment providers operating on the eBay platform, how can you increase sales and reduce costs through eBay combined shipping

For international transportation fulfillment service providers operating on the eBay platform, providing efficient and economical logistics solutions is the core to improving customer satisfaction and enhancing market competitiveness. eBay's combined shipping feature has become an important tool for sellers to optimize shipping strategies, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth. This article will start from a professional perspective and deeply explore the concept and operation process of eBay combined shipping and the multiple advantages it brings to sellers.

Ebay Combined Shipping

eBay Combined Shipping Overview

eBay Combined Shipping allows sellers to combine shipping costs for multiple items purchased in their shopping cart. Buyers can ship all orders in one package and avoid paying separate shipping charges for each item.

eBay Combined Shipping is designed to provide sellers with a flexible shipping solution that meets the needs of customers purchasing multiple items and also enhances the overall buying experience by streamlining the shipping process. . This service simplifies the shipping process for sellers and also significantly reduces shipping costs by consolidating multiple orders into a single package, while providing buyers with more economical shipping options. Sellers can set shipping rules and discounts based on factors such as product quantity, weight or specific categories to achieve personalized shipping management.

How to combine orders on eBay?

The implementation process of combined transportation requires sellers to have certain logistics knowledge and operational skills. Here are the basic steps for combined shipping on the eBay platform:

Order identification and consolidation

Go to "Awaiting Shipment" to identify multiple orders purchased by the same customer and prepare them for consolidation.

Package information input

Select an order for shipping label printing and enter the combined package details, including total weight and dimensions.

Fee calculation and selection

Accurately calculate shipping costs for combined packages and choose the right shipping rate.

Label purchase and printing

Purchase stamps, print shipping labels, and make sure all necessary shipping information is accurate.

Order update

Return to the Awaiting Shipment list, update the order status, mark the item as shipped, and enter tracking information for the combined package.

2 Ways to Combine Order Shipping on eBay

To improve operational efficiency, sellers can choose to provide combined shipping services manually or automatically. Automatically combining shipping can be achieved by setting up specific shipping rules, while manual combining requires sellers to do it on a per-order basis. Whether before or after the buyer checks out, various discount strategies can be flexibly applied to enhance the buyer's willingness to purchase.

Manual combined shipping

Multiple orders for the same customer are found in Sales Manager. Click "Print Shipping Label" for one of your orders and enter the actual weight and dimensions of the combined package. Calculate and purchase postage, print labels. Mark other items as shipped and enter tracking information.

Manual merging is suitable for sellers who need flexibility to adjust shipping costs or handle special circumstances. With manual operations, sellers can better control shipping costs and provide personalized service to customers.

Automatic combined shipping

Set up automatic combined shipping in your eBay account and the system will automatically combine eligible orders and calculate discounted shipping. Sellers do not need to operate manually, the system automatically handles the process and improves efficiency.

Automatic merging is suitable for sellers who pursue efficiency and automation. Through system settings, eligible orders are automatically merged to simplify the freight calculation process and improve customer satisfaction.

How to offer combined shipping when buying on eBay

Buyers can request combined shipping through the shopping cart feature when purchasing multiple items. Sellers need to respond to buyers' requests in a timely manner and provide corresponding shipping options based on actual conditions.

Advantages and Benefits of eBay Combined Shipping

  1. Reduce transportation costs

By consolidating packages, sellers can significantly reduce shipping costs for individual orders and increase profitability. Not only does this benefit the seller, but it also passes the shipping savings on to customers, incentivizing them to purchase from your eBay account.

  1. Convenient and fast

Both buyers and sellers benefit from combined shipping. This feature comes in handy especially when buyers purchase multiple items from the same store.

  1. Improve conversion rate

Offers that combine shipping can attract more buyers to purchase multiple items, encouraging buyers to purchase more items, thereby increasing sales and conversion rates.

  1. Enhance customer experience

Providing economical shipping options enhances buyers’ purchasing experience and improves customer satisfaction.

  1. Brand reputation

Demonstrate the seller's concern for the interests of customers and enhance brand credibility and loyalty.

  1. Simplify the shipping process

Sellers can simplify the transportation process, reduce tedious operations, and improve work efficiency.

By understanding how to implement combined shipping effectively, sellers can reduce costs, increase sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Whether you choose to offer combined shipping manually or automatically, the key is to ensure a seamless and cost-effective process for your buyers.

Strategies for Maximizing eBay Combined Shipping Features

The utility of combined shipping services lies in the money and time they save for all parties involved. Buyers reduce shipping costs by combining shipping, while sellers reduce costs by reducing packaging costs. Additionally, combined with other promotion and optimization strategies on eBay listings, combined shipping can drive more sales and repeat business to your store.

Is combined shipping safe on eBay?

It is completely safe to offer combined shipping on eBay, as long as the seller strictly follows eBay's shipping and packaging policies and guidelines. Ensure items are packed securely and shipped on time to prevent any damage or loss during transit. By offering combined shipping services, sellers are able to provide buyers with a better shopping experience while saving shipping time and costs.

Does eBay Global Shipping support combined shipping?

For the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP), combined shipping on multiple items is generally not available. Each item will be shipped individually to a fulfillment center in the buyer's country, where it will be consolidated and shipped to the buyer. Shipping and import fees are calculated individually based on the weight and dimensions of each item and are paid by the buyer at checkout. However, some sellers may choose to offer their own combined shipping options outside of eBay Shipping to meet specific buyer needs.

Why choose ChinaDivision for your eBay shipping tasks?

At chinadivision, we strictly adhere to eBay's shipping and packaging policies to ensure the safety of combined shipping. We use advanced packaging technology and strict quality control processes to ensure the safety of items during transportation and avoid damage or loss. By providing safe and reliable combined shipping services, we provide buyers with a superior shopping experience while saving sellers shipping time and costs.

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