International Logistics Considerations During the Lantern Festival

Feb 23,2024
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During the Lantern Festival, how should international logistics respond to situations such as a sharp increase in order volume and pressure on transportation timeliness in various industries

During the Lantern Festival, it is not only a busy period for domestic logistics, but also a key node for international logistics. During this period, international logistics may face a series of special requirements. Various industries may experience a sharp increase in order volume, pressure on transportation timeliness, and warehousing management. These requirements not only involve the packaging and transportation of goods, but also Strengthened supervision by customs and inspection and quarantine departments.

Pre-holiday logistics preparations

Single forecasting and inventory management

Order volumes are likely to increase significantly. Therefore, it is crucial to forecast orders in advance and manage inventory well. Ensure adequate inventory to meet orders during the holiday season.

Logistics partner selection

Choosing a reliable logistics partner is especially important. Consider factors such as transportation timeliness, service levels, and customer support to select the right partner to handle logistics challenges during the holiday season.

Transportation route planning

There may be congestion or delays on some shipping routes. Therefore, plan shipping routes ahead of time and have backup plans to deal with possible shipping delays and issues.

What are the special requirements for international logistics during the Lantern Festival?

  1. Special packaging requirements

food packaging

During the Lantern Festival, the demand for food products such as glutinous rice balls and cakes increases significantly. These foods require special attention to packaging when transported internationally to prevent spoilage and damage.

Food needs to be packaged in vacuum or modified atmosphere to ensure the freshness and safety of the food during transportation.

gift packaging

As a holiday feature, gift products are also popular during the Lantern Festival. Such goods often require exquisite packaging to reflect the holiday atmosphere and the value of the gift. Packaging materials also need to comply with international transportation standards and regulations to ensure that they are not damaged during long-distance transportation.

holiday logistics

  1. Transportation requirements

temperature control

For food that requires refrigeration or freezing, international logistics requires special attention to temperature control during transportation. Ensure goods are transported at the appropriate temperature to prevent food spoilage caused by temperature fluctuations.

time limit requirement

During the Lantern Festival, due to the surge in transportation demand, international logistics needs to shorten transportation time as much as possible to ensure that goods can reach their destination in time. This may require logistics companies to optimize transportation routes and improve transportation efficiency.

  1. Customs and inspection and quarantine requirements

Declaration requirements

During the Lantern Festival, customs and inspection and quarantine departments may strengthen supervision of imported goods. Logistics companies need to ensure that the declaration information for all goods is accurate and complies with relevant regulatory requirements.

Inspection and quarantine

For food, gifts and other commodities, customs and inspection and quarantine departments may carry out more stringent inspection and quarantine. Logistics companies need to ensure that goods comply with the standards and regulations of the importing country to avoid delays or returns due to inspection and quarantine issues.

Post-holiday logistics processing work

Order processing and tracking

After the sharp increase in order volume during the holidays, order processing after the holidays may face challenges. Process orders promptly and provide order tracking information to ensure customer satisfaction.

After-sales service processing

Orders during the holiday season may increase demand for after-sales services. Strengthen the training and preparation of the after-sales service team, handle customers' after-sales requests in a timely manner, and improve customer satisfaction.

During the Lantern Festival, meticulous attention to logistics details is crucial for the international logistics industry during the festival. Through advance preparation and post-holiday processing, seasonal demand changes can be effectively responded to, ensuring smooth operations and high-quality customer experience.

International logistics requires special attention to the packaging and transportation requirements of food, gifts and other commodities, and also needs to comply with relevant regulations of customs and inspection and quarantine departments. Ensure that goods can reach their destination safely and timely to meet consumer needs. Make preparations in advance and strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments to ensure the smooth progress of logistics services.

About the Author: Limi

About the Author: Limi

Limi is a content marketing expert at ChinaDivision, helping businesses and e-commerce sellers navigate the complexities of international shipping by providing actionable tips and comprehensive guides on logistics, shipping, and cargo transportation.