Spring Festival International Freight Arrangement Guide

Feb 06,2024
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Do you need to arrange international transportation and consignment in advance to avoid problems such as no one responding and out of stock due to holidays

As the most important traditional festival in China, the Spring Festival, a time of joy and family reunion, also brings challenges to companies engaged in international trade. With the improvement of people's living standards and the advancement of globalization, more and more people choose to travel abroad during the Spring Festival or purchase goods from overseas. This involves an important question: whether international transportation and consignment need to be arranged in advance to avoid problems such as no response and shortages due to holidays.

Lessons from the past few years have shown that if preparations are not made in advance, international logistics may indeed encounter difficulties during the Spring Festival. So planning ahead becomes crucial to avoid shortages and shipping delays. Below we explore lessons learned from previous years and provide strategies to ensure a smooth international shipping process during the Lunar New Year period.

What impact will the Spring Festival have on logistics and transportation?

No one responded: During the Spring Festival, many logistics company employees will choose to go home to reunite, resulting in fewer customer service and logistics personnel. This may lead to situations where no one responds to customer inquiries and the progress of cargo transportation is hindered.

Backlog of goods: The Spring Festival is one of the largest logistics peak periods in the world. A large amount of goods flood into the logistics system, which may lead to a backlog of goods. This will not only affect the arrival time, but may also increase the risk of damage to the goods.

Out-of-stock issues: Some hot-selling products or products in specific regions may be in short supply during the Spring Festival, resulting in out-of-stocks. This will not only affect consumers' shopping experience, but may also cause merchants to miss business opportunities.

How to ensure on-time delivery of goods during the Spring Festival

Learn about holiday arrangements

Lunar New Year celebrations last about two weeks, leading to widespread production shutdowns and reduced capacity. You can get the exact dates of the festival and plan your shipment before the festival starts. Account for the extended holiday season and allocate additional time for potential delays and closures.

Plan shipments in advance

Arrange international shipping and consignments as far in advance as possible. Considering the peak logistics period during the Spring Festival, it is best to start planning a few months before the Chinese New Year, or even earlier is a wise choice. It is recommended that communication be initiated with suppliers, logistics partners and freight forwarders to increase awareness of potential disruptions. Early planning helps develop contingency plans and reduce risk.

Alternative transportation routes

Some transport routes may experience higher demand and congestion during the Chinese New Year period. Explore alternative transportation routes to alleviate potential bottlenecks. Consider using a different port or shipping method to ensure smoother flow of goods and reduce the risk of delays.

Choose a reliable logistics company

Choose a logistics company with experience and a good reputation to ensure that the goods are delivered safely and on time. Work closely with a reliable logistics provider with experience in handling the challenges of the Lunar New Year. Ensure open lines of communication and develop contingency plans to resolve emergencies quickly.

Learn about logistics companies’ Spring Festival services

Understand the logistics company’s operations and service arrangements during the Spring Festival, such as whether there is anyone on duty and whether it is operating normally, etc.

Avoid hot-selling items

If possible, try to avoid buying hot-selling items during the Spring Festival to avoid running into out-of-stock issues.

Cargo tracking

After shipment, continue to track the transportation status of the goods so that problems can be discovered and solved in a timely manner.

Communication with suppliers

Suppliers may close or limit production during the Spring Festival. Establish open and transparent communication with suppliers. Ask about their holiday schedule, production schedule, and any potential delays. Maintain sufficient inventory to cover the holidays and respond to reduced capacity.

Inventory management

Unforeseen delays may result in product shortages. It is recommended to maintain a buffer stock to cover unexpected delays. Inventory levels are monitored regularly and order quantities are adjusted based on delivery times and potential supply disruptions during the Chinese New Year period.

Shipping container availability

Demand for containers increases during the holiday season, but supply is limited. Ship space can be booked in advance to ensure container safety in advance. Be prepared for possible increases in shipping costs and consider diversifying shipping methods to avoid bottlenecks.

Prepare a backup plan

Consider various possible problems and prepare a backup plan so that you can quickly adjust if your original plan is blocked.

Through advance planning and careful arrangements, various problems in international transportation and consignment during the Spring Festival can be effectively avoided. Early planning, effective communication and strategic decision-making will help you maintain a flexible and efficient supply chain during this holiday period and ensure that goods can be on time. , safely delivered to the destination.

The need to cooperate with international freight forwarders

Considering that logistics company employees may go home to reunite, goods are overstocked, and out of stock, etc., cooperation with international freight forwarders (such as ChinaDivision) is crucial.

Spring Festival International Freight Arrangement Guide

In the past few years, many people have encountered various logistics problems during the Spring Festival because they did not plan ahead or choose suitable logistics services. Some customers found that their goods were not tracked during the Spring Festival, or that their goods arrived late because logistics company employees were on vacation. Not only do these issues impact their shopping experience, they may also have an impact on their business plans.

When choosing a reliable international freight forwarder, ChinaDivision can provide the following advantages:

professional service

Professional international freight forwarders have extensive experience and expertise and are able to anticipate and respond to various logistics challenges. We understand the complexity of logistics during the Spring Festival and can provide corresponding solutions.

Efficient operation

Freight forwarders often work with multiple logistics companies and are able to choose the best shipping methods and services based on customer needs. It can ensure that goods reach their destination quickly and safely, reducing delays and risks.

Cargo tracking

Freight forwarders provide cargo tracking services to keep customers informed of the shipment status of their goods. In this way, customers can detect and solve problems promptly and avoid unnecessary worries and delays.

customer service

chinadivision international freight forwarding focuses on customer service and provides round-the-clock consultation and support. Customers can contact the freight forwarder at any time to resolve any logistics related issues.

By partnering with international freight forwarder ChinaDivision, international shipping and consignment during the Spring Festival has become simpler and more reliable. Customers can enjoy their vacation or focus on other important matters with peace of mind, leaving logistics issues to be handled by professional freight forwarders. In this way, customers can ensure that their goods arrive at their destination on time and safely, while avoiding all kinds of troubles caused by logistics issues.

If you are looking for reliable international freight services during the Spring Festival, getting in touch with China Division is a wise choice. They can provide you with professional logistics consultation and develop personalized transportation plans based on your needs and cargo conditions.

About the Author: Limi

About the Author: Limi

Limi is a content marketing expert at ChinaDivision, helping businesses and e-commerce sellers navigate the complexities of international shipping by providing actionable tips and comprehensive guides on logistics, shipping, and cargo transportation.