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Dec 05,2023
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ChinaDivision BigCommerce order fulfillment application is designed to help e-commerce companies increase order processing speed, reduce error rates and reduce costs

In the field of e-commerce, order fulfillment is one of the crucial links. However, many Bigcommerce companies encounter various problems along the way, such as slow order processing, inaccurate inventory management, shipping delays, improper handling of errors and returns, and poor customer service. These issues not only affect the timely delivery of Bigcommerce orders, but also impact customer experience and satisfaction.

In order to solve these problems, many companies have introduced various advanced solutions. Among them, the ChinaDivision BigCommerce order fulfillment application is a cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution designed to help e-commerce companies increase order processing speed, reduce error rates and reduce costs. The application integrates everything from order receipt, inventory management, order tracking to returns and order cancellations, thereby automating the entire process.

Help e-commerce sellers solve the following problems by using ChinaDivision BigCommerce order fulfillment application

Order processing is slow

The automated features of the BigCommerce order fulfillment app reduce manual intervention and avoid errors and delays. At the same time, the application also has powerful data analysis functions, which can help ChinaDivision better understand customer needs and market trends. By analyzing historical data, ChinaDivision can predict future sales trends and do inventory management and supply chain planning in advance to ensure that customer orders can be completed on time and according to quality.

Inaccurate inventory management

The BigCommerce order fulfillment app tracks inventory in real-time, ensuring the accuracy of your inventory data. Supports multi-channel inventory management, which can meet the needs and restrictions of different channels and avoid out-of-stock or backlog phenomena.

Delivery delays

The BigCommerce order fulfillment application has intelligent delivery management functions that can automatically select optimal delivery routes and logistics partners based on different delivery methods and requirements. Supports real-time tracking and updating of order status, promptly updates customer order information, and ensures that customers receive accurate and complete order information as soon as possible.

Mishandling of errors and returns

The ChinaDivision BigCommerce order fulfillment application has a complete return and exchange processing process that can automatically identify and process return and exchange applications. Supports multi-channel return and exchange processing, which can meet the needs and restrictions of different channels. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by processing return and exchange requests in a timely manner.

Poor customer service quality

The BigCommerce order fulfillment application supports an efficient customer service system that responds quickly to customer needs and issues. It also has intelligent customer self-service functions, which can provide customers with a convenient self-service experience. Through the combination of efficient customer service system and intelligent customer self-service functions, customer experience and service quality are improved.

Through a series of solutions such as automated order processing processes, real-time inventory management, intelligent distribution management, complete returns and exchanges processing processes, and efficient customer service systems, ChinaDivision has successfully improved business growth and customer satisfaction for BigCommerce e-commerce sellers. A double improvement in degree. At the same time, it also provides customers with more comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Reasons to use ChinaDivision BigCommerce extension

Global business outsourcing: The BigCommerce extension allows e-commerce companies to outsource order fulfillment to third-party service providers such as ChinaDivision. This outsourcing model can help merchants save the money required to operate multiple warehouses around the world while still getting a seamless e-commerce business experience. By treating ChinaDivision as your in-house fulfillment team, you can focus on core business development and leave tedious tasks like order fulfillment to us.

Advantages of being located in China: ChinaDivision is located in Shenzhen, China, which is strategically located and close to Hong Kong. This location advantage combined with our close cooperation with the world's largest e-commerce wholesale platform (Alibaba) allows us to help BigCommerce store owners ship cost-effective products from China within 24 hours. In addition, our near-source distribution solutions can help you save significant logistics costs.

ChinaDivision BigCommerce Order Fulfillment

Dealing with complex SKUs: Selling products with complex SKUs (such as clothing, accessories or mobile phone cases) places particularly high demands on the distribution system. BigCommerce extensions can reduce errors by automating the process and eliminating the need for excessive manual data transfer. Technology-driven order fulfillment ensures buyers always get what they ordered, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage multi-store orders: Using a single ChinaDivision account, BigCommerce store owners can fulfill orders from different stores and manage inventory centrally. This centralized management can help merchants manage orders and inventory more efficiently and ensure collaborative work among stores.

Using the BigCommerce extension can help e-commerce companies gain significant advantages in global business outsourcing, Chinese market sourcing, handling complex SKUs, and multi-store order management. By handing over tedious tasks to third-party service providers such as us, merchants can focus on core business development, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Benefits of using BigCommerce order fulfillment app

Efficient order fulfillment: By integrating with ChinaDivision’s powerful order fulfillment system, data can be synchronized with one click, helping BigCommerce store owners process and track orders efficiently. After installing the app, you can transfer newly paid orders to ChinaDivision's fulfillment system with simple setup. You can choose between automatic execution (orders are automatically synced to the fulfillment system once a buyer places an order) or manual synchronization (orders are synced daily by clicking the "Create Order" button). When ChinaDivision has processed the order, the tracking number will automatically be synced back to your BigCommerce store and emailed to the buyer.

Real-time inventory management: Accuracy of inventory information is critical to ensuring high order fill rates and consumer satisfaction. The real-time inventory update feature ensures your inventory information is in sync with actual inventory. When products come in or are returned, ChinaDivision will increase or decrease the quantity in the total inventory accordingly to ensure that inventory data is updated in a timely manner when there are a lot of products coming in and out. This helps reduce order errors due to inaccurate inventory information and improves consumer satisfaction.

Simplified multi-channel management: If you sell products on multiple channels, this app helps you easily manage orders and inventory across each channel. With a single ChinaDivision account, you can centrally manage orders and inventory from different channels. This centralized management helps you more efficiently coordinate order processing and inventory management across channels, reducing operating costs and improving overall efficiency.

Technical support and professional services: As a professional third-party fulfillment service provider, ChinaDivision has rich industry experience and professional skills. We provide you with 24/7 technical support and professional customer service to ensure that you have a smooth user experience and timely answers to questions when using our services.

How to install and use the ChinaDivision BigCommerce application by yourself?

Step 1: Install ChinaDivision BigCommerce Order Fulfillment App

To get started, you first need to install the ChinaDivision order fulfillment app to your BigCommerce store. You can visit our official website or app store, search for ChinaDivision BigCommerce order fulfillment app, and click the "Install" or "Add to Store" button to install it. During the installation process, you need to follow the instructions of the BigCommerce store administrator and complete the authorization and configuration steps.

Step 2: Configure application preferences

Once the installation is complete, you need to enter the BigCommerce backend management interface and find the settings option of the ChinaDivision order fulfillment application. Here you can customize settings to suit your needs and preferences, such as choosing an order number prefix to avoid having the same order number between different stores. Make sure to carefully read the description of each option during the setup process so that your application can be configured correctly.

Step 3: Sync your order and get started

Now you can start syncing your orders to the ChinaDivision order fulfillment app. In the BigCommerce backend management interface, find the order management options related to the ChinaDivision order fulfillment application, such as "Order Sync" or "Create Order". Choose to sync orders automatically or manually depending on your needs. Once you choose to sync your order, ChinaDivision will take over the order processing process, ensuring fast and accurate order fulfillment.

Using the ChinaDivision BigCommerce order fulfillment application requires the appropriate permissions and configuration for your BigCommerce store. If you encounter any problems during installation or use, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation of BigCommerce and ChinaDivision or contact technical support for help.

ChinaDivision also launches order fulfillment apps/extensions for Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento and eBay, etc. All these apps will help ChinaDivision customers streamline their e-commerce business and automate fulfillment of orders from different stores for online retail. The businessman was successful.

About the Author: Limi

About the Author: Limi

Limi is a content marketing expert at ChinaDivision, helping businesses and e-commerce sellers navigate the complexities of international shipping by providing actionable tips and comprehensive guides on logistics, shipping, and cargo transportation.