What Are the Reasons for Low Warehouse Utilization?

Dec 06,2023
Industry News
The available warehouse storage space is less than expected, and the warehouse utilization rate is not high? Discover solutions for maximizing warehousing space

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, the demand for order fulfillment warehouses is also growing. Especially for merchants with multiple sales channels, how to fulfill orders quickly and accurately and improve customer satisfaction has become an important issue they face.

When owning or using a third-party warehouse, you often find that although the warehouse is large, the actual available storage space is smaller than expected. This is a common challenge faced by many businesses to effectively manage warehouse space.

Why is the warehouse utilization rate low?

Warehouse layout issues

The layout of the warehouse may not be reasonable, causing the storage and retrieval of goods to be affected. For example, improper arrangement of shelves, too narrow aisles, irregular stacking of goods, etc. will lead to a decrease in the effective use area of the warehouse.

Cargo storage issues

When storing goods, the size, weight and storage needs of the goods may not be taken into account, resulting in insufficient storage space for the goods. For example, some goods may require specific storage conditions (such as temperature, humidity, etc.), and the warehouse may not be able to meet these requirements, limiting the storage of the goods.

Warehouse management issues

The management of the warehouse may also affect the utilization of warehouse space. For example, a lack of effective inventory management, storage planning and cargo tracking can lead to wasted warehouse space.

How to efficiently utilize order fulfillment warehouses?

Divide specific work areas

Divide the warehouse into specific work areas, such as picking, unloading and packaging areas, so that employees can complete their work quickly and easily.

Optimize warehouse layout

Make sure the doors in the warehouse open outwards to facilitate quick evacuation in an emergency. Make rational use of the effective area of the warehouse to improve space utilization.

Establish an effective warehouse management system

Use a modern warehouse management system, such as using warehouse management software, barcode technology, etc., to improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management.

Store goods reasonably

Choose the appropriate storage location and method based on the size, weight and storage needs of the goods. For example, for some special goods, special storage measures can be taken (such as using insulation facilities, moisture-proof measures, etc.).

Reasonable use of aisle space

Re-plan the warehouse layout, rationally arrange shelves, set aisles and cargo stacking specifications to improve the efficiency of the warehouse. On the premise of ensuring smooth passages, try to reduce the passage space in the warehouse so that the storage space can be used more effectively. At the same time, ensure that the stacking of goods does not affect the efficiency of employees in the warehouse.

improve warehouse utilization

Increase the stacking height of goods

On the premise of ensuring safety, reasonably increase the stacking height of goods to further optimize the use of storage space.

Make rational use of walls and shelves

Wrap the columns in the warehouse to prevent them from blocking access and improve space utilization.

Optimize the path of goods in and out of the warehouse

Ensure that the route of goods in and out of the warehouse is one-way and straight to reduce inefficient operations such as zigzag passages and reverse movement.

Convenient for loading, unloading and retrieval

Goods should be stored in a location that is convenient for loading, unloading, warehousing and retrieval to facilitate operations by employees.

Set up safety passages

The warehouse should set up separate safety passages, and ensure that debris cannot be piled in the passages to ensure rapid evacuation in an emergency.

Equipped with standard fire-fighting facilities

The warehouse should be equipped with standard fire-fighting facilities and ensure that the spacing between product areas complies with industry standards to ensure the safety of goods and employees.

Set up safety protection measures

Safety protection measures such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarm systems and anti-theft alarm systems should be set up in the warehouse to enhance protection against fire, smoke and theft.

Ensure air circulation

Set up ventilation and exhaust channels to ensure normal air circulation in the warehouse, which will help maintain a suitable humidity and temperature environment and help discharge harmful gases and smoke.

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