How to Use Chinese Supply to Organize Amazon Sales Activities?

Mar 19,2024
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How can sellers use Chinese supply sources to prepare carefully for the 2024 Amazon North America March Sale event and avoid logistics problems faced during the event

The 2024 Amazon North America March Sale is about to kick off, and the first major spring sale will be held from March 20 to March 25, 2024. This is an excellent selling opportunity that Amazon provides sellers. This year’s Amazon sales event not only has higher traffic expectations, but also launched a series of innovative promotional tools and marketing strategies designed to help sellers improve sales performance. How can sellers carefully prepare and achieve success by leveraging China's supply of goods?

Amazon Sales Activities

2024 Amazon Big Sale Event Highlights

Enhanced offers and promotions

Amazon will offer tons of deals and promotions to attract millions of shoppers. This is a great opportunity for sellers to boost sales and expand their customer base.

Prime membership privileges

Amazon Prime members will enjoy unique offers and fast shipping. By providing high-quality products and services, sellers can attract more Prime members and increase sales.

global exposure

The Amazon Big Sale event will receive global attention, providing sellers with the opportunity to promote their products in the global market.

Logistics problems faced during Amazon sales events in previous years

Shipping Delays: Due to surges in order volumes, shipping networks may experience congestion, resulting in delivery delays.

Inventory shortage: Some sellers may miss out on sales opportunities due to insufficient inventory, especially if there are logistical issues.

High shipping costs: Due to the need for faster delivery, sellers may have to pay higher shipping charges.

Due to the complexity and uncertainty of cross-border logistics, goods may encounter delays, loss, damage and other problems during transportation, which not only affects the seller's sales progress, but may also bring a bad shopping experience to consumers. .

In order to take full advantage of China's supply of goods and avoid these logistics problems, sellers can adopt the following early delivery solutions.

Plans and measures for early shipment from China

Stock up in advance

Considering the time-consuming and uncertain nature of cross-border logistics, sellers should plan their delivery time in advance. Prepare sufficient inventory in advance to ensure demand can be met during the event, and consider backup suppliers to deal with emergencies. About a month before the big sale begins, you can start preparing for shipment to ensure that the goods can arrive at the Amazon warehouse or logistics center on time. In this way, even if there are problems such as logistics delays, there will be enough time to make adjustments and remedies.

Properly plan orders

Analyze historical data and market trends in advance to reasonably predict demand to better arrange orders and inventory.

Choose a reliable logistics partner

It is crucial to choose a logistics service provider with rich experience and reliable services. Sellers can evaluate the service quality and credibility of a logistics service provider by checking its past performance, customer reviews and other information. At the same time, maintaining good communication with logistics service providers and providing timely feedback on problems and needs can also improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics transportation to ensure that goods can reach their destination on time.

Optimize packaging and reduce cargo damage rate

Goods may be subject to external forces such as extrusion and collision during transportation. Therefore, reasonable packaging is crucial to protect the goods. Sellers should choose high-quality packaging materials to fully protect and secure goods, reduce the damage rate of goods during transportation, and improve user experience.

Diverse logistics options

Consider using different shipping methods, such as sea, air, and express, so you have an alternative in the event of shipping delays.

Reasonably arrange delivery time

Ship goods appropriately in advance of the event to ensure that the goods arrive at the warehouse on time and orders can be filled during the event.

Take advantage of Amazon’s logistics services

Amazon provides a series of logistics services, such as FBA, etc. Sellers can make full use of these services to optimize their logistics layout. By combining these services with Chinese supply sources, sellers can deliver goods to consumers more conveniently, improving customer satisfaction and shopping experience.

By adopting these solutions, sellers can better utilize Chinese supply sources, succeed in Amazon sales events, achieve sales growth and improve consumers' shopping experience, and enhance brand credibility and market competitiveness.

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About the Author: Limi

About the Author: Limi

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